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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Safe Natural Environment as Guarantee of Exercising the Right to HealthBobkova, Antonina H.; Trotska, Maryna V.
2016Scenes from films to teach English for law studentsNesterenko, K.V.
2016Scientific approaches to understanding tactical and criminalistic complexes and problems of their practical applicationShevchuk, V.M.
2020Scientific prerequisites for the formation of criminalistic innovation and some prospective directions of its developmentShevchuk, V.M.
2014The scrap metal industry: economic law aspectShymko, A.
2018Screening and periodical medical examinations as important part of public health: problem of the legal implementationPashkov, Vitalii; Noha, Petro; Soloviov, Aleksey
2018Security At Information Culture: Wouldn't We Lose Humanity?Prudnikova, О.V.; Kuznietsov, O.
2015Semantic and Structural Peculiarities of Indirect Speech Acts with an Imperative MeaningMiasoiedova, S.V.
2014The significance of motivation for the formation of the illocutive meaning of indirect speech actsМясоєдова, С.В.
2018Signs of State and Their Historical ModificationsLyubashits, V.Ya; Razuvaev, N.V.; Mamychev, A.Yu.; Shestopal, S.S.; Benedyk, V.I.
2021Simulation of the yearlong cycle of training of athletes in aerobic gymnastics at the stage of specialized basic trainingTodorova, Valentyna; Bodrenkova, Inna; Moshenska, Tetiana
2016Social and historic conditionality of the concepts of law and their representation in fictionNesterenko, K.V.
2010Social communication aspect of study of scientists and legal scientists information needsPasmor, J.V.
2016Social human rights, between legal and real constitutional limitations (on the example of one law)Yakovlev, O.A.
2022Social instability as a global trend of the modern worldDanilyan, O.G.; Dzeban, O.P.; Kalynovskyi, Y.Y.
2018Social Rights after the Global Financial Crisis: European DimensionKovtun, V.I.; Kovtun, M.S.
2020Socio-cultural reflection in phenomenological paradigm: opportunitiesd and prospectsKovalenko, Inna Igorivna; Meliakova, Yuliia Vasylivna; Kalnytskyi, Eduard Anatolievich
2021Sociological methods of research of juvenile delinquencyVodnik, Valentyna Davidyvna; Klimova, Galyna Pavlivna; Pidkurkova, Iryna Valeriivna
2021Soft Skills Development with University StudentsKostikova, Ilona; Holubnycha, Liudmyla; Girich, Zoya; Movmyga, Nataliia
2016Some aspects of communicative language teaching methodologyArtemenko, T.M.