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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Qualification of crimes committed in participation according Criminal Code of UkraineUs, Olga
2016Qualification of unfinished crimeUs, Olga
2016Question of certain provisions efficiency of the draft of the Economic Procedure Code of UkraineGusarov, K.V.
2023Ranking Threats to Determine the Cost of Protecting Information in a Cybersecurity EnvironmentYemanov, V.; Pasichnyk, V.; Yevtushenko, I.; Larin, S.; Mykhailenko, O.
2016Reading Skills and Legal Discourse in ESP ClassroomSimonok, V.P.; Zelinska, O.
2020Rechtliche Regulierung des ukrainischen Gesundheitssystems: Gewährleistung des Schutzes vor COVID-19Pashkov, Vitalii; Gutorova, Natalya
2019Reform of decentralization and regional policy in the VisegradBytyak, Yuriy P.; Serohina, Svitlana; Bodrova, Irina; Chyrkin, Anton; Shestopal, Sergey S.
2018Reforming Ukraine: Problems of Constitutional Regulation and Implementation of Human RightsПетришин, О.В.
2015Regarding the systematic measures of judicial reformMoskvych, L.M.
2014Regulating eTechnologies in the European Union. Normative Realities and TrendsKerikmäe, Tanel
2017Regulations legislature Ukraine during the Soviet eraGoncharenko, V.D.
2015Regulatory support of protection of animals against cruelty: case recordShumilo, O.O.
2018Rehabilitation Tourism as a Part of Medical TourismPashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii; Gnedyk, Yevgen
2021Relationship between special physical preparedness indicators of athletes and structural components of the competition program in acrobatic rock and rollLutsenko, Larysa; Bodrenkova, Inna; Lutsenko, Yulia
2017Relevance of the use of interactive whiteboard for intensification of cognitive activity of law-students at foreign language classesHolubnycha, L.O.
2021Reliability evaluation of a forensic expert's opinion: World practices and Ukrainian realitiesZhuravel, Volodymyr A.; Konovalova, Violetta E.; Avdeyeva, Galina K.
2018Religious extremism: understanding the essenceTrebin, Mikhail Petrovich
2018Reproductive function: the protection of the rights of the people which are sent to the area of the fightingPashkov, Vitalii; Gutorova, Nataliya; Noha, Petro
2019Reproductive rights violations: forced sterilization and restriction of voluntary sterilizationIemelianenko, V.V.; Gornostay, A.V.; Ivantsova, A.V.
2015Responsibility in land lawShulha, M.