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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Case studies as one of the communication methods of foreign language teaching law studentsHolubnycha, L.O.
2019Case study for developing professional intercultural competence of law studentsRomaniuk, S.M.
2019Category “electoral culture”Polishchuk, Igor Oleksiiovych; Sakhan, Olena Mykolaivna
2017Certain aspects of education environmentalization in UkraineTulina, Elbis
2016Certain aspects on medical devices software law regulationPashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii
2023Challenges and Developments in the Public Administration of Autonomous ShippingLuchenko, D.; Georgiievskyi, I.; Bielikova, M.
2017Challenges in Teaching a Foreign Language at a Law University: Globalization AspectLysytska, O.P.
2014Circulability of property rights on industrial ownershipHotsaniuk, O.
2013Citizenship education of young people in the UKСтепаненко, И.И.
2016Civil procedural representation in the Statutes of the Grand Duchy of LithuaniaShpak, M.V.
2011Civil procedure rules of England and unification in regulating the civil procedure in the context of international requirementsTkach, K.V.
2019Climate Protection Laws: European Reality and Ukrainian ProspectsGetman, A.P.; Getman, Y.A.; Lozo, V.I.
2021Coerciveness as an inherent feature of judge`s discourse (linguistic aspect)Zaitseva, Margarita
2018Collaborative learning: development of higher-level thinking and promotion of student-faculty interactionKadaner, O.V.
2016Combination of globalization processes and inverse forming of insurance marketNechyporuk, L.V.
2021The communicative mode of mentativeZaitseva, Margarita
2017Community involvement into incident management structure: Lithuanian and Ukrainian case studySurvila, A.; Smalskys, V.; Novikovas, A.; Tvaronaviсienе, A.; Shapoval, R.
2018Comparative Legal Analysis of the Legislation of Labor Protection in Construction Using the Example of the EU, Azerbaijan and UkraineBozhko, Volodymyr; Kulchii, Inna; Szydło, Joanna
2019Compensation for damage caused by offences as the way of protection of victims’ rights (on the example of Ukraine): the economic and legal aspectsLapkin, Andrii; Maryniv, Volodymyr; Yevtieieva, Daryna; Stolitnii, Anton; Borovyk, Andrii
2016Competition as an element of legal structure of the ground of the arising of labour relations with sc ientistsYakovleva G.O.