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Title: Проблеми реалізації прав потерпілих від злочину осіб на відшкодування шкоди державою
Other Titles: Проблемы реализации прав потерпевших от преступления лиц на возмещение вреда государством
Problems of realization of the rights of victims of crimes to compensation by the state
Authors: Хмельова, Наталія Анатоліївна
Keywords: держава
damage compensation
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Citation: Хмельова Н. А. Проблеми реалізації прав потерпілих від злочину осіб на відшкодування шкоди державою / Н. А. Хмельова // Проблеми законності : зб. наук. пр. – Харків, 2015. – Вип. 129. – С. 122-129.
Abstract: Розглянуто проблеми реалізації прав потерпілих осіб від злочину на відшкодування шкоди державою за законодавством України. Зроблено аналіз чинного цивільного законодавства України, розглянуто законодавство інших країн в частині відшкодування державою шкоди, завданої потерпілому злочином. Запропоновано відповідний механізм їх реалізації.
Рассмотрено проблемы реализации прав потерпевших лиц от преступления на возмещение вреда государством по законодательству Украины. Проведено анализ действующего гражданского законодательства Украины, рассмотрено законодательство других стран в части возмещения государством вреда, причиненного потерпевшему преступлением. Предложено соответствующий механизм их реализации.
Description: Problem setting: consider the problems of realization of the rights of victims of crime persons to compensation by the State under the laws of Ukraine. To analyze the current civil legislation of Ukraine, to consider the legislation of the countries in terms of state compensation for damages caused to the victim crime. Suggest a mechanism to implement them. Recent research and publications analysis: some aspects of state compensation for harm caused to the victim crime investigated by many scientists. Thus, O. Vedernikova, O. Kuchinska, A. Mazalov, V. Sawickiy in his scientific studies have concentrated on the investigation of the creation of a state fund damages caused offense. R. Abramovich’s work explored the issue of compensation to the victim harm caused by crime as a legal obligation of the State on the basis of mutual responsibility of the citizen to the state and the state before a national. D. Plachkov investigated features of state obligations arising from causing offense, the specific legal solution of the relations in Ukraine. Paper objective: identifying challenges the rights of victims of crime persons to compensation by the state will set features the state’s obligations arising from causing crime and identify ways to improve the legal regulation of the relations in Ukraine. Paper main body: the current civil legislation of Ukraine stipulates the right of victims of criminal offenses on the restoration of rights violations. But there are cases where recovery is impossible. The reasons for this is that, first, is guilty of a criminal offense a person is insolvent, and the actual recovery of funds it usually extends over many years and is irregular. Secondly, the problem relates stopped criminal proceedings in which a person has committed a criminal offense is not established and the victim is deprived of right to file a civil action. Thirdly, the remedy is not possible victims in unsolved criminal offenses, such as when a person has committed a criminal offense established, but avoids investigation and declared her search does not give the desired result. Gained international experience in the development of a special law should be used in Ukraine, but specific to Ukrainian legislation, because the main problem of state compensation is to finance the payments. To solve this problem, determine the range of persons who will be entitled to compensation, the amount and source of such compensation, as well as a body which has the authority to have compensation from public harm. Conclusions of the research: the proper functioning of the mechanism in practice state compensation of damage caused offense should solve the problem of effective restoration of the rights of persons who are victims of crimes and timely compensation to the victim harm.
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