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Title: До питання про особливості спадкових правовідносин
Other Titles: К вопросу об особенностях наследственных правоотношений
To the question about the features of the inherited legal relationships
Authors: Печений, Олег Петрович
Keywords: спадкове право
спадкові правовідносини
наследственное право
наследственные правоотношения
law of succession
inherited right
inherited legal relationships
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Citation: Печений О. П. До питання про особливості спадкових правовідносин / О. П. Печений // Проблеми законності : зб. наук. пр. – Харків, 2015. – Вип. 129. – С. 99-103.
Abstract: У статті проаналізовано особливості спадкових правовідносин, досліджено окремі їх елементи, зокрема об’єкт та зміст. Висвітлено зміст «права, що виникають у особи у зв’язку з прийняттям спадщини», та особливості таких прав, зокрема прав на відмову від прийняття спадщини.
В статье проанализированы особенности наследственных правоотношений. Исследованы отдельные их элементы, в частности объект и содержание. Освещаются смысл понятия «права, которые возникают у лица в связи с принятием наследства», и особенности таких прав, в частности права на отказ от принятия наследства в пользу другого наследника.
Description: Problem Setting. In the article the features of the inherited legal relationships are analysed. Their separate elements are investigational, in particular object and maintenance. Analysis of the recent researches and publications. An extended abstract of a paper on the subject of succession in accordiance with civil legislation. Succession is the passing of rights and obligations (inheritance) from a natural person who died (the testator) to other persons (the heirs). Inherited legal relationships are juridical forms of succession as the passing of rights and obligations. Paper objective. Inheritance shall include all rights and obligations of the testator as of the moment of opening of inheritance that did not terminate in consequence of the testator's death. Succession shall be exercised based on a will (testamentary succession) or according to law (legal succession). All types of succession are represented legal relationships. Paper main body. It is grounded in the article, that the inherited relations can exist only as relations legal. Structurally they are engulf subjects, their right and duties and inheritance as object. Objects and maintenance of the inherited legal relationship are examined in the article in co-operation of rights and duties and real conduct of participants. Conclusions. Legal nature of succession of rights as rights on acceptance of inheritance is ambiguous. An author binds rights for the participants of legal relationship to taking of inheritance, refuse over acceptance of inheritance consequences of expiry of the term for inheritance acceptance. As by a written consent of the heirs who accepted the inheritance, the heir who let the time limit elapse may apply for the acceptance of inheritance to the notary office at the place of inheritance opening.
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