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Title: Regulatory support of protection of animals against cruelty: case record
Authors: Shumilo, O.O.
Keywords: охорона тварин
жорстоке поводження з тваринами
запобігання злочинності
порівняльно-правовий метод
охрана животных
жестокое обращение с животными
предотвращения преступности
сравнительно-правовой метод
protection of animals
cruel treatment of animals
crime prevention
comparative legal method
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Shumilo O. Regulatory support of protection of animals against cruelty: case record / Olha Shumilo // Human Rights and Environment in a New Ukraine : in Honor of Prof. Svitlana Kravchenko : coll. of art. and abstr. of participants of the intern. interdisciplinary symp., 20-21 September 2014. – Lviv, 2015. – P. 304–313.
Abstract: The history of regulatory support of animal protection against abuse roots in the remote past and needs to be studied and developed. The perspectives of further studies in the field are the issues of evolution of the Ukrainian legislation regarding protection of animals against improper treatment and implementation by the national legal and law enforcement agencies of the European Conventions ratified by Ukraine.
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