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Title: Державно-правовий розвиток України в умовах імплементації Угоди про асоціацію з Європейським Союзом
Other Titles: Государственно-правовое развитие Украины в условиях имплементации Соглашения об ассоциации с Европейским Союзом
State-legal development of Ukraine in the conditions of implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union
Authors: Окладна, М.Г.
Сало, В.І.
Якименко, Х.С.
Keywords: державно-правовий розвиток
Європейський Союз
угода про асоціацію
государственно-правовое развитие
Европейский Союз
соглашение об ассоциации
state-legal development
European Union
Association Agreement
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Окладна М. Г. Державно-правовий розвиток України в умовах імплементації Угоди про асоціацію з Європейським Союзом / М. Г. Окладна, В. І. Сало, X. С. Якименко // Державне будівництво та місцеве самоврядування : зб. наук. пр. – Харків, 2014. – Вип. 28. – С. 69–76.
Abstract: Стаття присвячена аналізу проблем підписання Угоди про асоціацію між Європейським Союзом і Україною, розробки механізмів її імплементації та наслідків впливу на державно-правовий розвиток України.
Статья посвящена анализу проблем подписания Соглашения об ассоциации между Европейским Союзом и Украиной, разработке механизмов ее имплементации и последствий ее воздействия на государственно-правовое развитие Украины.
Description: The Association Agreement between Ukraine, of the one part, and the European Union and its Member States, of the other part is an innovative document and the first agreement based on political association between the EU and any of the countries participating in the Eastern Partnership. Analysis of the Agreement’s impact is not only theoretical but also of great practical interest, since it can significantly affect all spheres of the public interest of the Ukrainian state. Thus, the Association Agreement contributes to the formation of both external and internal framework for the implementation of EU standards and to carry out a set of reforms in Ukraine. In turn, the establishment of deepen and universal Free Trade Area between the EU and Ukraine provided by the Association Agreement, defines a legal framework to ensure the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor power in part, and also creates the necessary conditions for the regulatory approximation directed to phased entering the Ukrainian economy into EU’s common market. Conducted analysis testifies that the Association Agreement is a significant result of the political and legal cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine in recent years. It is a document of «new generation», which demands for a high level of economic integration of Ukraine into the economic space of United Europe. Thus, it has been provided by the Agreement for the gradual approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the EU acquis, owing to that our legal system will be influenced by the EU law, in particular in the areas of trade and related issues. This process will be also accompanied by institutional reforms and the formation of an effective FTA based on the principles that apply in the European Union, as well as the concepts and definitions contained in its directives and regulations.
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