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Title: Перспективи розвитку інституту колективної (бригадної) матеріальної відповідальності в Україні
Other Titles: Перспективы развития института коллективной (бригадной) материальной ответственности в Украине
Prospects of development of the institution of collective (brigade) financial responsibility in Ukraine
Authors: Кравцов, Д.М.
Keywords: відповідальність
колективна (бригадна) матеріальна відповідальність
Трудовий кодекс України
материальная ответственность
коллективная (бригадная) материальная ответственность
Трудовой кодекс Украины
financial responsibility
collective (brigade) financial responsibility
Labor Code of Ukraine
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: видавництво "Право"
Citation: Кравцов Д. М. Перспективи розвитку інституту колективної (бригадної) матеріальної відповідальності в Україні / Д. М. Кравцов // Державне будівництво та місцеве самоврядування : зб. наук. пр. – Харків, 2013. – Вип. 25. – С. 159–167.
Abstract: Проведено правовий аналіз положень проекту Трудового кодексу України щодо колективної (бригадної) матеріальної відповідальності працівників. Автор досліджує тенденції розвитку законодавства про колективну матеріальну відповідальність працівників в Україні, пропонує способи вирішення проблемних питань цього інституту трудового права.
Анализируются положения проекта Трудового кодекса Украины. Автор исследует тенденции развития законодательства о коллективной (бригадной) материальной ответственности работников в Украине, предлагает способы разрешения проблемных вопросов этого института трудового права.
Description: The aim of the article is to highlight controversial and problem issues of the draft Labour Code of Ukraine regarding collective (brigade) material liability and finding legal solutions. The article legally analyzes the provisions of the draft Labour Code of Ukraine on the collective (brigade) material liability of employees. The author examines trends in legislation development on collective material liability of employees in Ukraine, offers solutions to problems of the institution of labour law. In particular, the author analyzes the current regulations governing the collective (brigade) material liability, as well as acts of international law and the judiciary. The article stated that the institution of collective (brigade) material liability of employees is the Soviet legacy of independent Ukraine and is a repressive tool in the hands of the employer in fact because employees actually, despite the guarantees established by the current legislation of Ukraine for the persons with whom agreements on collective liability are concluded, denied the right to choose: labour unions that agree the implementation of this liability is often a “pocket” unions and the so-called “consent” of the employee in general becomes a fiction in high unemployment level – the employee agrees to any employer’s conditions to provide for themselves and their families. Analyzing legislative initiatives, the author concludes that the rules of art. 407 of Labour Code of Ukraine change the rules of collective (brigade) material liability implementing in the company and the conditions under which that liability may be imposed on employees: - first, the legislation establishes the procedure for determining the amount of material liability of employees of the department or other independent group with whom the contract on collective material liability was made; - in determining the type of work as collective (brigade) material liability may be applicable, the employer must apply to the «List of positions and jobs that are replaced or run by the employees with whom the company, institution or organization may enter into written contracts for full liability for failing to safekeeping values assigned to them for keeping, processing, selling (realization), transportation or use in the production process», approved by State Labour Committee of Soviet Union and the Secretariat of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions No. 447/24 dated December 28, 1977; - the text of the article excludes duty of the employer to agree the implementation of collective material liability with the elected body of the primary trade union organization (trade union representative) of the company, institution, organization. This is a tool for protection of workers’ rights even the low level of effectiveness of trade unions in Ukraine and is stipulated by s.2 of art. 1352 of the Labour Code of Ukraine; - to avoid collective material liability, the employee must prove his innocence in failure to preserve property contrary to the provisions of art. 411 of the Labour Code of Ukraine, which puts the necessity to prove on the employer (by the way, the current art. 138 of the Labour Code of Ukraine imposes the necessity to prove the presence of material liability conditions of the employee, on the employer).
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