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Title: Актуальні питання виборчого процесу в Україні і зарубіжних країнах
Other Titles: Актуальные вопросы избирательного процесса в Украине и зарубежных странах
The actual issues of electoral process in Ukraine and foreign countries
Authors: Стешенко, Т.В.
Keywords: вибори
виборчий процес
конституційно-правова регламентація
избирательный процесс
конституционно-правовая регламентация
electoral process
constitutional and legal regulation
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: видавництво "Право"
Citation: Стешенко Т. В. Актуальні питання виборчого процесу в Україні і зарубіжних країнах / Т. В. Стешенко // Державне будівництво та місцеве самоврядування : зб. наук. пр. – Харків, 2013. – Вип. 25. – С. 102–113.
Abstract: Проаналізовані актуальні питання правового регулювання виборчого процесу в Україні та зарубіжних країнах, удосконалення виборчого процесу, а також кодифіковане закріплення цього інституту.
Анализируются актуальные вопросы, связанные с правовым регулированием избирательного процесса в Украине и зарубежных странах, совершенствованием избирательного процесса, а также с кодифицированным закреплением этого института.
Description: The elaboration of the main notions of the theory of electoral process, analysis of problems of its regulation, definition of main means of perfection of legislative regulation of electoral process are the main objectives of this research work. Nowadays the problem of optimization of electoral process is of special relevance, as the experience of higly-developed foreing countries clearly indicates that democracy and legitimicy of all system of public authority, degree of realization of main rights and freedoms of citizens depend on democracy of elections. The issue connected with electoral process and its stages occupy (are) the main part of electoral legislation. Not all electoral laws clearly fix the notions of electoral process in foreing countries. Ukrainian electoral legislation defines electoral process and consequently represents all of its stages. It should be mentioned that the notion of electoral process has appeared in categories of lawmakers and researches recently. The institute of electoral process does not act as guarantees of electoral rights of subjects. But its full and detailed legal regulation with clear definition of electoral stages and procedures in legislation is necessary legal factor of guarantee and implementation of electoral rights of electoral process subjects and keeping regime of legality during organization and elections. In electoral legislation lawmakers pay attention to electoral process, i.e. particular regulated by legal rules set of actions of citizens and authorized bodies which are directed at formation of qualitative and quantative composition of public authority and bodies of local self-government. On the basis of different thoughts of legal scholars it is possible to make a conclusion that electoral process as a legal category is an independent legal institute of constitutional law which means set of constitutional and procedural rules that regulate the order of formation of representative state bodies and other electoral bodies of public authority and bodies of local self-government. The author of the article denotes that electoral process covers all variety of social relations that appear in connection with formation of above-mentioned bodies and election of officials. This process has its internal integrity and isolation and develop in the form of consequently regulated, directed at implementation of adoption of acts of elections, stages. The result of elections and also relevant realization of electoral rights of Ukrainian citizens depend on qualitatively organized electoral process in the state. The main conclusion which concerns perfection of legislative regulation of electoral process is the idea of necessity of codified regulation conditioned of the demand of implementation of legality at realization of procedural activity and high level of generalization of normative material.
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