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Title: Соціалізація військовослужбовця в умовах трансформації українського суспільства (соціально-філософський аналіз)
Other Titles: Социализация военнослужащего в условиях трансформации украинского общества (социально-философский анализ)
Socialization of serviceman in conditions of transformation of the Ukrainian society (social-philosophical analysis)
Authors: Дзьобань, О.П.
Keywords: соціалізація
Збройні сили
суспільні трансформації
Вооруженные силы
общественные трансформации
armed forces
public transformations
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Дзьобань О. П. Соціалізація військовослужбовця в умовах трансформації українського суспільства (соціально-філософський аналіз) : автореферат. дис. …канд. філос. наук : 09.00.03 – Соціальна філософія та філософія історії. – Харків, 2000. – 19 с.
Abstract: Дисертація на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата філософських наук за спеціальністю 09.00.03 – соціальна філософія та філософія історії. – Харківський військовий університет, Харків, 2000. Дисертацію присвячено соціально-філософському аналізу соціалізації військовослужбовця Збройних сил України в умовах трансформації українського суспільства. В дисертації викладена цілісна концепція соціалізації, яка визначена як одночасно і процес, і результат інтеграції індивіда в суспільство на підставі формування його соціально-типових якостей шляхом взаємодії із соціальним середовищем і саморегуляції. Досліджуються методологічні проблеми та головні закономірності взаємодії індивіда і Збройних сил в процесі його інтеграції в суспільство. Розкриті суть, зміст і особливості соціалізації індивіда у військовому середовищі на підставі аналізу даної проблеми і сучасного етапу трансформації українського суспільства. Визначені тенденції і суперечності процесу соціалізації в сучасних умовах і запропоновані шляхи оптимізації процесу соціалізації військовослужбовця в умовах трансформації українського суспільства.
Диссертация на соискание ученой степени кандидата философских наук по специальности 09.00.03 – социальная философия и философия истории. – Харьковский военный университет, Харьков, 2000. Диссертация посвящена социально-философскому анализу социализации военнослужащего Вооруженных сил Украины в условиях трансформации украинского общества. В диссертации изложена целостная концепция социализации, которая определена как одновременно и процесс, и результат интеграции индивида в общество на основе формирования его социально-типичных качеств путем взаимодействия с социальной средой и саморегуляции. Исследуются методологические проблемы и главные закономерности взаимодействия индивида и Вооруженных сил в процессе его интеграции в общество. Раскрыты сущность, содержание и особенности социализации индивида в воинской среде на основе анализа данной проблемы и современного этапа трансформации украинского общества. Определены тенденции и противоречия процесса социализации в современных условиях и предложены пути оптимизации процесса социализации военнослужащего в условиях трансформации украинского общества.
Description: Thesis for the degree of the candidate of philosophical sciences on speciality 09.00.03 – social philosophy and philosophy of history. – Kharkov military university, Kharkov, 2000. The thesis has been dedicated to the social-philosophical analysis of a socialization of person of the Ukrainian serviceman in conditions of transformation of the Ukrainian society. Socialization has been determined simultaneously both process and outcome of integration of individual in society on the basis of forming its social - representative qualities by interplay with social medium and selfregulation. It has been demonstrated on the basis of the social - philosophical analysis of given process that the influence of society on a person descends by means of social groups, which are a peculiar link between society and individuals. Some social groups are becoming a medium, which isolates a person from the predominant tendencies of public development, imposing or tendering them own both positive and negative standards of behaviour and vital values. In this context, from the point of view of the social- philosophical analysis of given problem, the general features of the Ukrainian state model at the present stage of transformations of society have been determined, which most essentially influence on a person and features of its socialization. The conducted analysis of a becoming of public relations, that descends on a background of deformation of public and individual consciousness, testifies that general stress and depression, in the modern Ukrainian society are transferred on individual perception of actuality and influence on a formation of vital policies, specially of youth, since the young generation in the majority remains without reliable social reference points that the previous generations had. It has been shown that the destruction of the conventional forms of actuation of individuals in the socio-cultural relations, on the one hand, increases personal responsibility for own destiny, having put before necessity of selection, and on the other hand - reveals unreadiness of most people to be actuated in new public relations. It is underlined that the Ukrainian version of transition to market economy has called essential changes of a social status of all groups of population, specially of youth, that is specially critical for normal operation of armed forces. In the thesis the methodological problems of interplay with individual and armed forces are considered during the integration of individual in society. The nature, contents and features of socialization of individual in military medium are uncovered on the basis of the analysis of given problem and modern stage of transformation of the Ukrainian society. The socialization of serviceman’s person has been determined in the thesis as process of interplay with individual and social medium, that is implemented during realization, implementation of public concern in the ensuring of military safety of the state and is directed on the forming of a personal component of a system of military activity. The personal component in the thesis is considered as concentrated expression of world outlook views, moral-psychological and spiritual qualities, needs and concerns of serviceman, that are realized during military activity, are motivated by concerns of protection of the state and are directed on the fulfilment of soldier`s duty. Moreover the person of serviceman is considered as definite social-professional type, as combination of properties, that expresses a belonging of individual to professional group, and on the forming of this type, first of all, the process of socialization in conditions of armed forces has been directed. It has been concluded on the basis of the analysis that irrespective of a social-political directivity, national and religious priorities the serviceman should have a combination of qualities, features, which allow to execute his professional responsibilities successfully, providing realization of functional predestination of armed forces as a whole. At the same time, in conditions of global crisis the level of personal qualities owing to processes of destruction of normative orientation in society yields to deformations. As a rule, it is tells negatively on a level of professional qualities of the serviceman, aggravates and sharpens inconsistencies of military service and relations with individual and social medium. The tendencies and inconsistencies of process of socialization in modern conditions and paths of optimization of socialization of serviceman in conditions of transformation of the Ukrainian society have been determined. Moreover, the optimization is determined as a process of bringing of functioning of armed forces into condition of maintenance of maximum efficiency of a development of serviceman’s person. It has been shown that the constructibility of optimization of process of socialization of serviceman is realised in a direction of advancing, improvement of functioning of a social system. Its basis is made by bringing needs and concerns of the state, armed forces in conformity and coordination with concerns and needs of servicemen, maximum approaching them to an optimum ratio, when the degree of a sharpness of inconsistencies between them allows to talk about constructive operation of armed forces as social institute. In the pithy plan as to optimization of socialization during military service on the basis of conducted analysis three basic planes have been marked: general-social, military-professional and personal, the nature and the features of which determine the aggregate of indispensable ways, means, forms.
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