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Title: Actual problems of research of separate criminalistic methodics
Authors: Shevchuk, V.
Keywords: criminalistic methodics
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Shevchuk V. Actual problems of research of separate criminalistic methodics / V. Shevchuk // Theoretical and empirical scientific research: concept and trends : collection of sci. papers «ΛΌГOΣ» with proceedings of the intern. sci. and practical conf., July 24, 2020. Oxford, United Kingdom, 2020. – Vol. 4. – P. 21–26.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the study of current problems of a separate criminalistic methodics, its concepts and features, the formation of its conceptual foundations and promising areas of modern research. The analysis of scientific approaches to the studied concepts of "separate criminalistic methodics", their critical analysis and, highlighting the essential features of this concept, the author's definition of modern understanding of criminalistic methodics. It`s seen that the essential features of a separate criminalistic methodics should include such: information; systematicity; structure; formality; manufacturability; recommendation; efficiency. It`s substantiated that a separate criminalistic methodics has an informational-cognitive orientation and in fact is an informational-cognitive model. Therefore, criminalistics should develop effective methodic-criminalistic recommendations not only for the subjects of pre-trial investigation, but also for the judicial review of criminal proceedings addressed to a judge (court), prosecutor, defense counsel, which are included in the subject-object sphere of criminalistic methodics.
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