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Title: Reforming Ukraine: Problems of Constitutional Regulation and Implementation of Human Rights
Authors: Петришин, О.В.
Keywords: конституционный процесс в Украине
европейская интеграция
прав и свобод человека и гражданина
реформирование Украины
конституційний процес в Україні
європейська інтеграція
прав і свобод людини і громадянина
реформування України
constitutional process in Ukraine
European integration
rights and freedoms of man and citizen
reforming of Ukraine
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Petryshyn O. V. Reforming Ukraine: Problems of Constitutional Regulation and Implementation of Human Rights / O. V. Petryshyn, O. O. Petryshyn // Baltic journal of European studies. – 2018. – Vol. 8, is. 1. – P. 63–75.
Abstract: The article focuses on current problems of human rights constitutional provision, protection and implementation in Ukraine in the context of the reforms aimed at Eurointegration. The aim is to brief in the historical aspects of the development of ideas and concepts of human rights in Ukraine, focus on the human rights provision of the active Constitution projected through the ongoing reforms and to expose the correlation between the rights enshrined and their actual implementation. The existing and possible future problems related to the regulation and realization of human rights in Ukraine's reform process are considered. The article reflects the problem of the value approach to human rights, which is directly related to the low level of legal culture and the insufficient level of development of civil society Ukraine. The work also analyses the amendments that have been made to the Constitution since the independence. While presenting the latest developments and drafts regarding the addressed issues, we try to look deeper into the problem, far beyond the formal and procedural concerns, addressing social and cultural barriers in understanding the importance and necessity of the problems under consideration not only by the leadership of the state but also by ordinary Ukrainians.
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