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Title: Правова класифікація туризму та регулювання туристичної діяльності
Other Titles: Правовая классификация туризма и регулирование туристической деятельности
Legal classification of tourism and regulations of the tourism’s activity
Authors: Семенова, М.В.
Keywords: туризм
туристична послуга
види туризму
туристична діяльність
туристическая услуга
виды туризма
туристическая деятельность
tourist service
tourism kinds
tourist activity
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Семенова М. В. Правова класифікація туризму та регулювання туристичної діяльності [Електронний ресурс] / М. В. Семенова // Право та інноваційне суспільство : електрон. наук. вид. – Електрон. текст. дані. – Харків, 2015. – № 1. – С. 82–89. – Режим доступу: (дата звернення: 27.02.2017). – Назва з екрана.
Abstract: Стаття присвячена дослідженню питань, які виникають при регулюванні туристичної діяльності та визначенні найбільш відповідної класифікації видів туризму, яка впливає на умови нормативного регулювання надання туристичних послуг.
Статья посвящена исследованию вопросов, возникающих при регулировании туристической деятельности и определении наиболее соответствующей классификации видов туризма, которая влияет на условия нормативного регулирования предоставления туристических услуг.
Description: Problem setting. In modern conditions of development of tourism in Ukraine on a way of realisation of objects in view on adaptation to EU legislation, there are definition problems at presence in the majority of not system regulation of legal institutes of the basic directions for classification of tourism and corresponding specific regulation of tourist activity. Analysis of recent researches and publications. Problems and features of classification of tourism are reflected in legal and economic scientific researches of such domestic and foreign scientists, Y. V. Volvach, A. P. Anisimov, S. V. Zlobin, A. Y. Ryzhenkov, Y. A. Dubenjuk, A. Y. Gusljakova, and others. Target of research. For accurate definition of an order of regulation of tourist activity, tourism, it is necessary to generate on the basis of widespread characteristics of tourism its qualifying signs and directions for allocation of principal views of tourism and tourist activity. Article’s main body. According to IRTS 2008 group of all institutions having the same principal view of activity, which consists in direct service of visitors and is one of characteristic for tourism of kinds of activity, makes tourism branch, such branches are: placing of visitors, activity in public catering sphere, passenger transportations, activity of travelling agency and other services of booking. It is more detailed activity kinds are resulted is reflected in «International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, Revision 4» (МСОК Rev.4) The resulted qualification of area completely corresponds to requirements p.1 article 260 of the Economic Code of Ukraine which norm defines branch as set of all producing units, which are carrying out mainly identical or similar kinds of industrial activity. Signs are considered and branch the tourism maintenance in modern conditions need updating in connection with an urgency of classification of kinds of tourism and its influence on the mechanism of legal regulation of tourism. Conclusions and prospects for the development. Tourism – branch of economy which is under construction on social and economic relations with participation first, travelling, temporarily leaving of a place of their constant residing temporary departure of the person from a residence without employment in the location paid activity, secondly, subjects of tourist activity by granting of tourist services travelling, thirdly, the authorised state structures and not state organisations which carry out regulation of the relations arising at realisation of tourist activity and tourism.
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