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Title: Сучасне суспільство як суспільство з деформованою відповідальністю (за працею З. Баумана «Індивідуалізоване суспільство»)
Authors: Дзьобань, О.П.
Мануйлов, Є.М.
Keywords: відповідальність
інформаційне суспільство
информационное общество
informative society
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: видавництво "Право"
Citation: Дзьобань О. П. Сучасне суспільство як суспільство з деформованою відповідальністю (за працею З. Баумана «Індивідуалізоване суспільство») / О. П. Дзьобань, Є. М. Мануйлов // Вісник Національного університету «Юридична академія України імені Ярослава Мудрого». Серія: Філософія. – Харків, 2016. – № 4. – С. 14–26.
Abstract: Показано, що в інформаційному суспільстві спостерігається сутнісна трансформація поняття відповідальності. Проаналізована наукова позиція З. Баумана стосовно інформаційного суспільства як індивідуалізованого суспільства, у якому в результаті інформаційно-технологічної революції відбувається глибинна трансформація європейської культури, її цінностей і норм, у тому числі й відповідальності. Обґрунтовується, що на сучасному етапі формування культури інформаційного суспільства протиріччя в культурі породили системну кризу відповідальності.
Показано, что в информационном обществе наблюдается сущностная трансформация понятия ответственности. Проанализирована научная позиция З. Баумана касательно информационного общества как индивидуализированного общества, в котором в результате информационно-технологической революции происходит глубинная трансформация европейской культуры, ее ценностей и норм, в том числе и ответственности. Обосновывается, что на современном этапе формирования культуры информационного общества противоречия в культуре породили системный кризис ответственности.
Description: It is shown in the article, that the modern stage of development of society is characterized deeply by contradictory tendencies in the field of politics, economy, culture that appears in the crisis of responsibility. All these processes require a serious scientific comprehension and analysis of the systems, sent to the exposure of specific features of this phenomenon for making of algorithm of actions, that will assist a removal or even softening of existent contradictions. Reasonably, that responsibility, being the multilevel and multidimensional phenomenon, was examined and examined in the different foreshortening: ethic, social, legal, philosophical, and also psychical. Thus, authors examine responsibility both with the aim of determination of essence of concept "responsibility" and making of going near her understanding and from position of different subject sides. At the same time, for today there is insufficiency of the works sanctified to complex consideration of responsibility in informative society. It is shown that modern life of man becomes the set of subjective and individual risks. That it did not take place around, even if a man is not reason of it, responsibility will carry she. In a presence asymmetric of two types of responsibility - collective and individual at that collective responsibility is minimized due to transference of responsibility of society on his individuals. Thus, two basic tendencies of contemporaneity are marked: increase of level of individualization and decline of role of the state in the decision of problems of modern society even within the limits of the competense that answers the crisis of collective responsibility. So the state stops to be the bulwark of justice and responsibility. It will be that for the modern stage characteristic "short-term" mentality, as a modern system of social relations is "superflexible", it is constantly transformed, changing acting persons, terms and rules of existence, often not reporting about it to the participants. In the field of work it is expressed in absence of long-term contracts, any guarantees and any responsibility, that, in turn, results in absence of planning and concrete prospects. In such terms mutual responsibility, loyalty and collectivism, hand over the positions and yield to each individual interest. Responsibility for itself, other, supporting, mutual aid, participation are basic descriptions of human mutual relations of society that is based on the traditional system of world views. In the modern world everybody answers for itself. Society of "postmodern" is society with the castrated ethics and moral. It would seem, norms remain the same, but it is declared nowise does not coincide with that a man looks after in reality. Yes, from all parties assert about values life, unacceptability of violence and war, about a necessity to protect a natural environment. But reality and statistical data testify to opposite: the world is on a verge an ecocatastrophe, violence and wars remain inalienable part of our life. Drawn conclusion, that on the modern stage of forming of culture of informative society of contradiction in a culture generated the system crisis of responsibility: ethic, political, economic, both on individual and collective levels. Opening of Z. Bauman of system crisis of principle of responsibility is illuminated in modern society on individual and collective levels, in all spheres of human relations: economic, political, social and spiritual. Bauman shows that takes place not simply change of one stage of development of society on other, that logically swims out from previous, but departure originates from linear traditional development. From society of order, responsibility, stability and immortality we passed to society of chaos, irresponsibility, equivalent probabilities and short-term, as a result planning, prognostication and responsible "conclusions on the future" is practically done by impossible.
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