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Title: About complicity
Authors: Orlovskyi, Ruslan
Keywords: complicity of crime
types of accomplices
forms of complicity
criminal liability of accomplices
соучастие в с преступлении
формы соучастия
уголовная ответственность
співучасть у злочині
форми співучасті
кримінальна відповідальність
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Orlovskyi R. About complicity / Ruslan Orlovskyi // Australian Journal of Education and Science. – 2016. – Vol. 9, № 1 (17). – P. 354–360.
Abstract: This article deals with the Institution of complicity in the Criminal Law of Ukraine. The definition of complicity with the next assignment of its objective and subjective signs are analysed. Types of accomplices and peculiarities of their liability and the main theories of complicity, namely accessory theory and the theory of self-responsibility are characterized.
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