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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019National security maintenance by legal measures: Case study Lithuania/UkraineNovikovas, Andrejus; Tvaronavičienė, Agnė; Shapoval, Roman
2019Natural environment as component of public health: some aspects of its legal regulationPashkov, Vitalii M.; Trotska, Maryna V.
2014Nature of human rights and freedoms as an object of legal regulationYelnykova, M.
2019Nature of legal behavior: The concepts of definition and their evolutionOleinykov, Sergii N.; Shestopal, Sergey S.; Babenko, Vasily N.; Rabets, Anna P.; Burova, Elena V.
2017Negative stereotypes in Anglo-Irish ethnic relationsChastnyk, O.S.
2014New Approaches to Tandem Language LearningMykytiuk, S.S.
2019“New Poetry” Periodical and Electronic Edition of New York Group Authors as a Source for Forming and Disseminating Modern Aesthetics of Ukrainian Poetic SpaceIvanova I.; Lysytska O.
2014News English Lessons for Law StudentsLysytskaya, E.P.
2018Nikolay Lossky's CosmologyAliaiev, Gennadii; Kutsepal, Svetlana
2015No commentТрубникова, Л.Н.
2013The notion of victimTlepova, Maryna
2019Obstacles and Factors of Medical Services TradeKaminska, Tetyana; Martynenko, Nataliya
2017On Bilingualism and Lexical-semantic InterferenceLysytska, O.P.; Krysenko, T.V.; Sukhanova, T.Y.
2014On the definition of «procedural norm» in agrarian lawLiubchych, Anna
2021Online learning in the system of higher education: the review of realitiesСорока, Наталя Анатоліївна
2016Onomatopoeia in Modern Advertising TextsМикитюк, С.С.
2013Ontological model for representation of legal knowledgeKarasiuk, V.
2015Open data і OSINT як актуальні категорії інформаційного забезпечення розслідування злочинівБілоус, В.В.
2012Organizational-Legal Foundations of State Administration of Information Resources (or Sphere)Bytiak, Yu.P.; Cherviakova, O.B.
2021Overview of the local government powers in the field of the environment protection: the European experienceChyrkin, A.