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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019National security maintenance by legal measures: Case study Lithuania/UkraineNovikovas, Andrejus; Tvaronavičienė, Agnė; Shapoval, Roman
2019Natural environment as component of public health: some aspects of its legal regulationPashkov, Vitalii M.; Trotska, Maryna V.
2014Nature of human rights and freedoms as an object of legal regulationYelnykova, M.
2019Nature of legal behavior: The concepts of definition and their evolutionOleinykov, Sergii N.; Shestopal, Sergey S.; Babenko, Vasily N.; Rabets, Anna P.; Burova, Elena V.
2017Negative stereotypes in Anglo-Irish ethnic relationsChastnyk, O.S.
2014New Approaches to Tandem Language LearningMykytiuk, S.S.
2019“New Poetry” Periodical and Electronic Edition of New York Group Authors as a Source for Forming and Disseminating Modern Aesthetics of Ukrainian Poetic SpaceIvanova I.; Lysytska O.
2014News English Lessons for Law StudentsLysytskaya, E.P.
2018Nikolay Lossky's CosmologyAliaiev, Gennadii; Kutsepal, Svetlana
2015No commentТрубникова, Л.Н.
2013The notion of victimTlepova, Maryna
2019Obstacles and Factors of Medical Services TradeKaminska, Tetyana; Martynenko, Nataliya
2017On Bilingualism and Lexical-semantic InterferenceLysytska, O.P.; Krysenko, T.V.; Sukhanova, T.Y.
2014On the definition of «procedural norm» in agrarian lawLiubchych, Anna
2021On the situation and certain issues of approximating the legislation of Ukraine on payment systems to the European Union legislationKovalchuk, A.S.
2021Online learning in the system of higher education: the review of realitiesСорока, Наталя Анатоліївна
2016Onomatopoeia in Modern Advertising TextsМикитюк, С.С.
2013Ontological model for representation of legal knowledgeKarasiuk, V.
2020Ontologies as a Set to Describe Legal InformationGetman, A.P.; Karasiuk, V.; Hetman, Y.
2015Open data і OSINT як актуальні категорії інформаційного забезпечення розслідування злочинівБілоус, В.В.