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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Addressing the issue of corporate raiding in UkraineDerevyanko, Bogdan V.; Pashkov, Vitaliy M.; Turkot, Olha A.; Zahrisheva, Nadiia V.; Bisiuk, Olena S.
2018Immunoprophylaxis in Healthcare: Human Rights ContextPashkov, Vitaliy M.
2016The impact of the legal regime of intellectual property protection in the pharmaceutical marketPashkov, Vitaliy M.; Golovanova, Iryna A.; Olefir, Andrii A.
2017Innovative Partnership as New Form of Public Procurement in the European UnionPashkov, Vitaliy M.; Olefir, Andrii A.
2016Principle of serviceability and gratuitousness in transplantation?Pashkov, Vitaliy M.; Golovanova, Iryna A.; Noha, Petro P.
2018Problem of Patient Discrimination in Sphere of Health ProtectionPashkov, Vitaliy M.; Olefir, Andrii A.
2017Problems of Rehabilitation of Mentally Ill Persons: the International Legal Aspect (Ukrainian Experience)Pashkov, Vitaliy M.; Olefir, Andrii A.