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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173-D bioprinting law regulation perspectivesPashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii
2017Advertising of medical devices: foreign experience and Ukrainian practicePashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii; Bytiak, Oleksii
2018Assisted reproductive technologies: the problems of legal enforcementPashkov, Vitalii; Lyfar, Anna
2016Certain aspects on medical devices software law regulationPashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii
2017The directions of development of legal regulation of patenting the methods of treatment in Ukraine. Considering the European and world experiencePashkov, Vitalii; Hrekov, Yevhen; Hrekovа, Maryna
2018Ensuring right to organic food in public health systemPashkov, Vitalii; Batyhina, Olena; Leiba, Liudmyla
2017European experience of regulation distance selling of medicines for UkrainePashkov, Vitalii; Hrekov, Yevhen; Hrekova, Maryna
2019Factor of Natural Curative Resources in Context of Legal Regulation of Medical RehabilitationPashkov, Vitalii; Trotska, Maryna; Leiba, Liudmyla
2018International medical law and its impact on the Ukrainian health care legislationPashkov, Vitalii; Udovyka, Larysa; Dichko, Hanna
2017Legal aspects of cancer deseases prophylactics: patients rights contextTatsiy, Vasyl; Gutorova, Nataliya; Pashkov, Vitalii
2017Legal aspects of counteracting the trafficking of falsified medicines in the European UnionPashkov, Vitalii; Soloviov, Aleksey; Olefir, Andrii
2019Legal implementation of blockchain technology in pharmacyPashkov, Vitalii; Soloviov, Oleksii
2018Legal implementation of the Blockchain Technology in PharmacyPashkov, Vitalii; Soloviov, Oleksii
2017Legal regulation of the production and trade of medical devices and medical equipment in the EU and USA: experience for UkrainePashkov, Vitalii; Кotvitska, Alla; Harkusha, Andrii
2017Legal restraints of pesticide effect on human organism and environment under international legislationPashkov, Vitalii; Batyhina, Olena; Trotska, Maryna
2016Medical device software: defining key termsPashkov, Vitalii; Gutorova, Nataliya; Harkusha, Andrii
2017Protecting the rights of producers original medicinesPashkov, Vitalii; Kotvitska, Alla; Noha, Petro
2019Providing the rigth to health of involuntarily displaced personsPashkov, Vitalii; Liubchenko, Marianna; Liubchenko, Oleksii
2020Rechtliche Regulierung des ukrainischen Gesundheitssystems: Gewährleistung des Schutzes vor COVID-19Pashkov, Vitalii; Gutorova, Natalya
2018Rehabilitation Tourism as a Part of Medical TourismPashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii; Gnedyk, Yevgen