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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Case studies as one of the communication methods of foreign language teaching law studentsHolubnycha, L.O.
2016Experience of Intensification of Students’ Cognitive Activity in the USSR (Postwar Period the Middle of the 20-th Century)Holubnycha, L.O.
2018Health Saving Technology at Foreign Language Lessons with University StudentsHolubnycha, L.O.; Miasoiedova, S.V.; Nesterenko, K.V.
2016Intensification of student’s cognitive activity while forming skills of English monologue speech (experience exchange)Holubnycha, L.O.
2017Relevance of the use of interactive whiteboard for intensification of cognitive activity of law-students at foreign language classesHolubnycha, L.O.
2017Using interactive whiteboard at English lessons for law studentsHolubnycha, L.O.; Shatrava, S.