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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Gender equality in labour relations: european approachYaroshenko, O.M.; Lutsenko, O.Ye.; Ivchuk, Yu.Yu.
2020Genesis, trends and development prospects criminalistic tacticsShevchuk, V.M.
2017Grammatical and semantical diversity of indirect imperatives in the modern English language (on the example of Madeleine Wickham’s novels)Miasoiedova, S.V.
2013Green movement development in Ukraine and EU as a subject of legal protection of biodiversity in the second half of XX centuryKazak, R.A.
2017Grid-технології як об'єкт інноваційних правовідносинСтріжкова, А.В.
2017Harmonization of Ukrainian Waste Treatment Laws with EU LegislationGetman, A.P.; Lozo, V.I.
2018Health Saving Technology at Foreign Language Lessons with University StudentsHolubnycha, L.O.; Miasoiedova, S.V.; Nesterenko, K.V.
2019Health-improvement competences formation technique in future police officers by means of personality-oriented approach to physical educationKopotun, I.M.; Holovkin, B.M.; Nalyvaiko, L.R.; Hrytsai, I.O.; Tkachova, O.V.
2019Healthcare for migrant workers: human rights’ aspectLiubchenko, Marianna; Liubchenko, Oleksii; Buriakovska, Kateryna
2022Historical and cultural-mental origins of legal consciousness of the ukrainian peopleDanilyan, O.G.; Dzeban, O.P.; Kalynovskyi, Y.Y.; Hetman, Y.A.
2014History of evolution of civil society greening in Ukraine (before the Ukrainian independence)Pavlova, O.V.
2021History of the development of hermeneutic logicYurkevych, Olena M.; Pavlenko, Zhanna O.; Trofymenko, Volodymyr A
2014Homo informaticus: до проблеми осмислення сутностіДзьобань, О.П.
2015Homo politicus в правовом государстве УкраинаКушниренко, А.Г.; Слинько, Т.Н.
2014HONEYPOT як засіб інформаційної безпекиГвозденко, М.В.
2016How to learn English legal vocabulary to be successful in the profession: personal attitudesNesterenko, K.V.
2021The image of a judge in Ukraine: preconditions and essenceBorodina, I.V.
2018Immunoprophylaxis in Healthcare: Human Rights ContextPashkov, Vitaliy M.
2014The Impact of Civil Society on the Formation of Constitutionalism in UkrainePetrukhno, Y.E.
2016The impact of the legal regime of intellectual property protection in the pharmaceutical marketPashkov, Vitaliy M.; Golovanova, Iryna A.; Olefir, Andrii A.