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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ecological Consequences of Mass Tree Felling in Ukraine’s Carpathians and their Effect on Legal Support of Population Employment (on the Example of Zakarpattia Region in Ukraine)Yurovska, Viktoriia V.; Zinovatna, Iliana V.; Kornieva, Polina M.
2019Ecological Problems of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and their Effect on Labor RegulationsMelnyk, Kostiantyn Y.; Tsesarsky, Felix A.
2019Economic and legal aspects of the franchise agreement in the United KingdomGusarov, Kostyantin; Diadiuk, Anastasiia
2019Economic and legal differences in patterns of land use in UkraineFedchyshyn, Dmytro; Ignatenko, Iryna; Shvydka, Viktoriia
2016Economic power as a key object of reformation of economic relations (legal identification matters)Zadykhaylo, D.V.
2021ECtHR Decisions That Influenced the Criminal Procedure of UkraineKaplina, Oksana; Tumanyants, Anush
2013Educating Arts Managers at American UniversitiesChastnyk, O.S.
2021Education as a factor to support the national security of the statePanfilov, Oleksandr Yuriiovych; Savchenko, Olga Oleksandrivna
2017Education content issues: theoretical and practical aspectsKuznetsova, O.Yu.
2013Educational benefits of multimedia in teaching english for specific purposesМясоєдова, С.В.
2015Educational marketing in a system of university managementShevchenko, L.S.
2019Efficiency of Classes on the Pilates System with Women of the Second Mature AgeKolomiitseva, Olha; Anatskyi, Ruslan; Prikhodko, Anna
2014Einige aktuelle probleme bei der vermittlung der rechtssprache deutschTscherkaschin, S.W.
2013Electronic Evidence in Civil ProcedureKalamaiko, A.Yu.
2013Electronic Technologies in Civil Procedure: Problem StatementKalamaiko, A.Yu.
2018Elitology of education and challenges of the 21st centuryDanilyan, O.G.; Karabushchenko, P.L.; Ponedelkov, A.V.; Vorontsov, S.A.; Vronskaya, M.V.
2015Endowment funds and social justice in the educational fieldShevchenko, L.S.
2019Enforceability of non-compete agreements in medical practice: between law and ethicsPashkov, Vitalii M.; Harkusha, Andrii О.
2017English for law university students at the epoch of global cultural and professional communicationPopova, N.O.; Petrova, O.B.
2016The English language electives as the foundation of success in law study and careerRomaniuk, S.М.