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Название: Інформаційна безпека: нові виміри загроз, пов’язаних із інформаційно-комунікаційною діяльністю
Другие названия: Информационная безопасность: новые измерения угроз, связанных с информационно-коммуникационной сферой
Information security: new dimensions threats related information and communication sphere
Авторы: Дзьобань, О.П.
Dzeban, O.P.
Ключевые слова: інформація
інформаційні впливи
інформаційні загрози
інформаційна безпека
информационные воздействия
информационные угрозы
информационная безопасность
information influences
information threats
information security
Дата публикации: 2015
Библиографическое описание: Дзьобань О. П. Інформаційна безпека: нові виміри загроз, пов’язаних із інформаційно-комунікаційною діяльністю / Дзьобань О. П., Соснін О. В. // Гуманітарний вісник Запорізької державної інженерної академії : зб. наук. пр. – Запоріжжя, 2015. – Вип. 61. – С. 24–34.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Показано, що зростаючий вплив зовнішніх інформаційних і комунікаційних чинників на розвиток суспільно-політичних відносин в суспільстві вимагає термінового підвищення якості виконання державою інформаційно-комунікаційної функції. Обґрунтовується, що у сучасних умовах проблема інформаційної безпеки особистості, держави і суспільства принципово актуалізується і потребує комплексного осмислення.
Описание: The article shows that information security occupies a key place in the provision of vital interests of all countries, without exception, because of the pressing need to create advanced information environment. But precisely because the information environment often made threats to national security in different areas of the individual, society and state. In modern conditions created a need for rethinking and clarifying problems of informatization of Ukraine through the prism of information security with current information actions. The determining nature of information influence on the individual, society and state is in three main forms. First, by making public the ideal of national ideology, abstract ideas about the proper attributes in different spheres of public life. Secondly, through the formation of philosophical ideas about objects and relationships that can be evaluated in the light of good and evil, truth and falsity, beauty and ugliness, permissible and forbidden, just and unjust, etc. Thirdly, social values within the psychological structure of the individual as personal values - a source of motivation of his behavior. These aspects influence the information needs of the individual, society and state is to be aware of the information content of what is necessary to maintain their life and activity. Information makes the necessary clarity in motives, needs generated by unconscious impulses. And as such information is available through the scope contradictory. On the one hand, it is affecting the interests, values and needs as "cement" strengthens society as a whole, brings together people increases their abilities and opportunities. As a backbone factor of society, active information affects the state politics, economy, defense, technological progress, science and culture, serving the interests of the individual, society and state, the foundation argues life, promotes social stability and public order, achieving social cohesion, strengthening democracy, personal security, law and order. At the same time information, making a regulating effect on people's behavior through the development of philosophical systems may distort actual objectives, interests and needs. In this case, it has a negative influence on the decisions taken, may contain the huge potential of destruction present in its content hidden and obvious threat to the existence of social systems: the individual, society and state. It is alleged that the issue of information security of human life and society is eternal. In the modern world under the influence of technological progress information security problem aggravated and indeed has become a significant, global challenges. Information dangers and threats become much more information impacting consequences were forecast recently. Eliminate the hazard information to create the conditions under which the operation and development of the society would take place in the absence of information threats impossible. It is shown that in the modern world full of contradictions, conflicts burdened with many global problems, saturated weapons and military interests divided blocks with the reality of information threats and information warfare within the country and between countries can not avoid. Demonstrated that in the information sphere of modern society launched a large-scale purposeful and hostile activities aimed at achieving information superiority military strategy states (groups of states) by acting on the information and information systems probable or actual enemy while protecting their own information and information systems. Information warfare, being mandatory information component of every conventional war in the information society acquired the outlines some specific wars. It aims to gain economic space, the establishment of viable business models, the subordination of its impact. A «cyberwar» does not stop information-psychological warfare as a method to influence the perception of motives implement the decisions taken. The political purpose of any of the information war - information dependence formation and development of both human and technical processes. It is noted that in the present conditions is essential permanent control of security in the information sector, rankings threats to the degree of influence on national interests, rational redistribution of forces and means to neutralize threats.
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