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dc.contributor.authorLyubashyts, V.Y.-
dc.contributor.authorRazuvaev, N.V.-
dc.contributor.authorRomanenko, V.B.-
dc.contributor.authorShestopal, S.S.-
dc.contributor.authorГурак, Л.В.-
dc.contributor.authorGurak, L.V.-
dc.identifier.citationLyubashyts V. Y. State evolution mechanism: system approach / V. Y. Lyubashyts, N. V. Razuvaev, V. B. Romanenko, S. S. Shestopal, L.V. Gurak // Amozonia Investiga. – 2018. – Vol. 7, is. 14. – P. 340–349.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractThe article describes and analyzes in detail the state evolution mechanism. The authors show that many different theories and doctrines, various schemes for typologizing the evolutionary forms of the state have been developed over the long history of the existence of legal, philosophical and political sciences. The work content includes the discussion of the difficulties of developing rigorous theories of the evolution of state forms associated with the complexity and ambiguity of particular historical processes of state formation and development. The authors distinguish and consider the evolutionary features of the modern state, justify that the modern state as a historical type possesses a number of features that are not inherent (or partially inherent) in both the traditional and the proto-modern state, which form its evolutionary features, specificity of functioning and evolutionary transformation. In addition, the article identifies and analyzes four main innovative stages in the political and legal institutionalization of modern political domination: civil state, rule-of-law state, democratic rule-of-law state and social rule-of law state.ru_RU
dc.subjectэволюция государстваru_RU
dc.subjectполитическое обществоru_RU
dc.subjectисторические типы государстваru_RU
dc.subjectеволюція державиru_RU
dc.subjectполітичне суспільствоru_RU
dc.subjectісторичні типи державиru_RU
dc.subjectstate evolutionru_RU
dc.subjectpolitical societyru_RU
dc.subjecthistorical types of stateru_RU
dc.titleState evolution mechanism: system approachru_RU
dc.title.alternativeМеханизм эволюции государства: системный подходru_RU
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