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Title: Cooperation of former Soviet Union countries and Ukraine with the European Union
Authors: Bytiak, Yu.P.
Битяк, Ю.П.
Яковюк, І.В.
Yakoviyk, I.V.
Гетьман, Є.А.
Getman, E.A.
Трагнюк, О.Я.
Tragniuk, O.Y.
Шестопал, С.С.
Shestopal, S.S.
Keywords: Междуморье
геополитический проект
санитарный кордон
неоимперская геополитика
геополітичний проект
санітарний кордон
неоімперська геополітика
geopolitical project
sanitary cordon
neo-imperial geopolitics
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Bytiak Yu. P. Cooperation of former Soviet Union countries and Ukraine with the European Union / Yu. P. Bytiak, I. V. Yakoviyk, E. A. Getman, O. Y. Tragniuk, S. S. Shestopal // ORBIS. – 2018. – Vol. 14, is. 41. – P. 46–54.
Abstract: This paper is focused on the development of conceptual approaches concerning the intensification of the military and political cooperation of eastern former Soviet Union countries and Ukraine with the European Union. The methodology of the research is based on the application of systematic research approaches to the analysis of the system of international relations. The analysis relates on the problems of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union. Our finding shows that Ukraine should decide on the possibility of creating an inter-state defense and security union "Intermarium" with its neighbors - EU member states and NATO.
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