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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Screening and periodical medical examinations as important part of public health: problem of the legal implementationПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Нога, П.П.; Noha, P.P.; Соловйов, А.; Soloviov, A.
2019Factor of Natural Curative Resources in Context of Legal Regulation of Medical RehabilitationПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Лейба, Л.В.; Leiba, L.; Троцька, М.В.; Trotska, M.V.
2018Rehabilitation Tourism as a Part of Medical TourismПашков, В.М.; Гаркуша, А.О.; Pashkov, V.M.; Harkusha, A.O.; Гнедик, Є.; Gnedyk, Y.
20173-D bioprinting law regulation perspectivesПашков, В.М.; Гаркуша, А.О.; Pashkov, V.M.; Harkusha, A.O.
2017Protecting the rights of producers original medicinesПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Noha, P.P.; Нога, П.П.; Котвітська, А.; Kotvitska, A.
2018Some Problems of Rehabilitation of Servicemen Taking Part in the Hostilities: the International Legal Aspect and Ukrainian ExperiencePashkov, V.M.; Soloviov, O.; Noha, P.P.; Пашков, В.М.; Соловйов, О.; Нога, П.П.
2018Immunoprophylaxis in Healthcare: Human Rights ContextПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.
2019Right to child health in context of natural environmental securityПашков, В.М.; Троцька, М.В.; Соловйов, О.С.; Pashkov, V.M.; Trotska, M.V.; Soloviov O.S.
2017Protection of children's rights in the health care: problems and legal issuesPashkov, V.M.; Olefir, A.A.