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Title: Матеріальні домінанти в контексті кризи українського суспільства
Other Titles: Материальные доминанты в контексте кризиса современного общества
Material dominants in the context of the modern society crisis
Authors: Кальницький, Е.А.
Кальницкий, Э.А.
Kalnytskyi, E.А.
Keywords: моральні, духовні, матеріальні цінності
криза сучасного суспільства
моральные, духовные, материальные ценности
кризис современного общества
moral, spiritual and material values
crisis of modern society
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: видавництво "Право"
Citation: Кальницький Е. А. Матеріальні домінанти в контексті кризи українського суспільства / Е. А. Кальницький // Вісник Національного університету «Юридична академія України імені Ярослава Мудрого». Серія : Філософія, філософія права, політологія, соціологія. – Харків, 2016. – № 1. – С. 49–57.
Abstract: Показано, що сучасне суспільство переживає переломний етап людської історії, при якому відбувається перетворення базисних підвалин універсалій культури. Ідеологія споживання, що набула широкого поширення в сучасному суспільстві, призводить до духовної і фізичної руйнації. Необхідно сформувати нову парадигму, яка стане неодмінною умовою оздоровлення сучасної цивілізації.
Показано, что современное общество переживает переломный этап человеческой истории, при котором происходит преобразование базисных смыслов универсалий культуры. Идеология потребления, получившая широкое распространение в современном обществе, приводит к духовному и физическому уничтожению. Необходимо сформировать новую парадигму, которая станет непременным условием оздоровления современной цивилизации.
Description: In modern society continue to increase trends, associated with the actualization of the crisis, caused by the priority of material values. There is an uncontrollable desire for approval of their own benefit, material values, that take on social and cultural significance, form social motivation. Worsened crisis and threats in the XXI century mankind require reconsideration established priorities and concrete actions towards solving problems. This article proposes to understand the crisis of contemporary culture related to its financial dominance. Author actualizes attention to the work of R. Guenon "The crisis of the modern world", where the philosopher indicates a turn from the traditional culture of the profane sacred nature to the modern culture that shaped the global society of consumption, entertainment and temptation. Cites the work of W. Sombart, which postulated the idea of contempt for consumerism, "haggling" for the purpose of the individual is self-sacrifice higher values. In the context of the study concerns the subject of discussion is the concept of "alienation", which introduces and develops Marx E. Fromm, in terms of which the alienated man has lost touch with ourselves, and with all others. He sees himself as well as others, just as perceive things – with the help of the senses and common sense, but at the same time without a productive communication with itself and the outside world. We investigate the views of the philosophers of the Frankfurt School of M. Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, who argued that the industrial culture deprives people of their imagination, it delivers the goods, and the problem of people included only the consumption of the system that claims to be democratic, in fact authoritarian, for a few people dictate their ideas of freedom and a certain set that can provide us happiness. We consider the U.Beka`s "risk society", according to which problems and conflicts of distribution in the backward countries compounded the problems and conflicts that arise from the production, definition and distribution of risks arising in the course of scientific and technical activity, social positions and conflicts of society, "distributing wealth ", sooner or later, in the process of continuous modernization start to overlap with the positions and conflicts of society. The author focuses on the hermeneutic approach of Husserl and G. Gadamer, on the fact that in this situation hermeneutics as a theory about the prerequisites, features and options of the process of understanding, offering constructive dialogue can help to cope with the situation. It is argued that the conclusion that a new culture of communication opens the way to a society, based on humanistic principles, aimed at finding a compromise and non-violent methods of problem solving; the ideology of consumption are pervasive in today's society, it leads to the spiritual and physical destruction, so you need to create a new paradigm, which will be a prerequisite for improvement of the situation of the modern world, will exit conditions from the general ideological crisis of modern society.
URI: http://fil.nlu.edu.ua/article/view/63926/59424
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