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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Tactical operations in judicial proceedings: problems of formation and practical realizationShevchuk, V.M.
2014The tax on childlessness in Ukraine: prospects for implementationVasilyeva, M.
2014Teaching Foreign Languages Via SkypeMykytiuk, S.
2013Teaching Reading in Legal Discourse FrameworkЗелінська, О.І.
2012Teaching reading within the framework of English for specific purposesПопова, Н.О.; Popova, N.O.; Петрова, О.Б.; Petrova, O.B.
2016Teaching Reading-to-Writing in English for Academic Purposes CoursesЛисицька, О.П.; Lysytska, O.P.
2014Teaching Resources of InternetMoroz, T.Yu.; Мороз, Т.Ю.
2014Teaching Strategies of Summarizing Textual Resources for the BeginnersMelnikova, T.V.
2011Ten Years of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Progress and Problems of ApplicationTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2010Terminology Translation in Teaching Legal EnglishMishchenko, V.; Міщенко, В.Я.
2015Terminology work by translatorsМіщенко, В.Я.; Mishchenko, V.
2015Terrorist Attacks in Ukraine: Crime Statistics, Corpus Delicti and Reasons of CommittingShepitko, M.V.; Шепітько, М.В.
2011Text Image Compression Based on the Formation and Classification of Vertical Elements of a Row in the Graphical Dictionary of Symbol DataIvanov, V.G.; Lyubarskiy, M.G.; Lomonosov, Yu.V.
2019The case-study of autonomous learning for improving listening comprehensionРоманюк, С.Н.; Romaniuk, S.M.; Soroka, N.A.; Сорока, Н.А.
2018The concept of "imperial federalism" in the service of european integration: history and contemporaneityЯковюк, І.В.; Yakovyuk, I.V.; Окладна, М.Г.; Okladnaya, M.G.; Трагнюк, О.Я.; Tragniuk, O.; Shestopal, S.; Hrybovskyi, B.
2017The Court of Justice of the European Union and International Legal OrderКомарова, Т.В.; Komarova, T.V.
2018The crimes that affect the animal and plant world: the problems of penalizationБайрачна, Л.К.; Ісаєв, А.М.; Bayrachnaya, L.K.; Nadtochiy, Y.V.; Isaev, A.N.; Naskhuliyan, O.S.
2016The doctrine of the «margin of appreciation» in the case-law of the European Court of Human RightsTrykhlib, K.O.; Трихліб, К.О.; Трихлеб, К.А.
2018The emergence and development of taxation in the legal tradition of the peoples of Eastern EuropeСереда, О.Г.; Sereda, О.G.
2017The Experience of the European Union in the Field of Administrative and Legal Support for Asset-Grabbing PreventionShapoval, R.V.; Шаповал, Р.В.; Demenko, O.I.; Solntseva, K.V.; Солнцева, Х.В.