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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2016Reading Skills and Legal Discourse in ESP ClassroomСімонок, В.П.; Simonok, V.P.; Zelinska, O.; Зелінська, О.І.
2015Regarding the systematic measures of judicial reformМосквич, Л.М.; Moskvych, L.M.
2014Regulating eTechnologies in the European Union. Normative Realities and TrendsKerikmäe, Tanel
2017Regulations legislature Ukraine during the Soviet eraГончаренко, В.Д.; Goncharenko, V.D.
2015Regulatory support of protection of animals against cruelty : case recordShumilo, O.O.; Шуміло, О.О.
2015Responsibility in land lawShulha, M.V.; Шульга, М.В.
2016The role of health care in reproduction of intellectual capitalКамінська, Т.М.; Kaminska, T.M.
2014The Role of Legal Culture in the Development of Civil Society in UkrainePetrukhno, Y.E.; Петрухно, Ю.Е.; Петрухно, Ю.Є.
2016Role of local authorities and bodies of local government in ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizensДанильян, О.Г.; Danilyan, O.G.
2014The Role of Multimedia in Foreign LanguageMoroz, T.Yu.; Мороз, Т.Ю.
2016Role of the prosecutor at closing of criminal proceedings by the criminal procedural legislation of UkraineЛапкін, А.В.; Лапкин, А.В.; Lapkin, A.V.
2014The role parliament in political system of Great BritainBruslyk, O.
2013Role-playing in Teaching Legal English for Law StudentsMykytiuk, S.S.; Микитюк, С.С.
2016Rules of criminal and legal estimation of committed actУс, О.В.; Us, O.V.
2016Scenes from films to teach English for law studentsНестеренко, К.В.; Nesterenko, K.V.
2014The scrap metal industry: economic law aspectShymko, A.
2015Semantic and Structural Peculiarities of Indirect Speech Acts with an Imperative MeaningМясоєдова, С.В.; Мясоедова, С.В.; Miasoiedova, S.V.
2014The significance of motivation for the formation of the illocutive meaning of indirect speech actsМясоєдова, С.В.
2016Social and historic conditionality of the concepts of law and their representation in fictionНестеренко, К.В.; Nesterenko, K.V.
2010Social communication aspect of study of scientists and legal scientists information needsPasmor, J.V.; Пасмор, Ю.В.; Бистрова, Ю.В.