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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Path towards national security in the European Union: genesis and further development processesShapoval, R.V.; Шаповал, Р.В.; Nastyuk, V.Ya.; Настюк, В.Я.; Bezpalova, O. I.; Khrystynchenko, N.P.
2013Peculiarities of teaching citizenship at schools of Great BritainStepanenko, I.
2014Peculiarities of Teaching English for LawyersХодаковська, О.О.; Khodakovska, O.O.
2014People legislative initiative as a form of direct democracyKrutko, A.
2013Permitted land use as the result of zoningIgnatenko, I.V.; Ігнатенко, І.В.
2018Personal information rights and freedoms within the modern societyDanilyan, O.G.; Dzeban, A.P.; Kalinovsky, Y.Y.; Kalnytskyi, E.A.; Zhdanenko, S.B.; Данильян, О.Г.; Дзьобань, О.П.; Калиновський, Ю.Ю.; Кальницький, Е.А.; Жданенко, С.Б.
2014Place of summary procedure in the system of civil justiceZub, O.; Зуб, О.Ю.
2016Police as the Subject Providing CybersecurityСолнцева, Х.В.; Solntseva, K.V.
2018Political and legal models of institute transformation in the 21st centuryMamychev, A.Y.; Danilyan, O.G.; Данильян, О.Г.; Kravchenko, A.G.; Blochina, N.A.; Anisimova, H.V.; Анісімова, Г.В.
2016Political and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership PolicyKerikmäe, Tanel; Chochia, Archil
2014Portfolio as means of motivation in foreign language learningRomantsova, Y.V.; Романцова, Я.В.
2014Portfolio use in foreign language learningRomantsova, Y.V.; Романцова, Я.В.
2018Possibilities of adapting the typologies of the international standards for establishing criminal liability for corruption-related crimes in UkraineShapoval, R.V.; Шаповал, Р.В.; Demenko, O.I.; Orlovskyi, R.S.; Орловський, Р.С.
2015Possibility for the extension of the material evidence regime to cover digital informationКрицька, І.О.; Крицкая, И.А.; Krytska, I.O.
2018Powers of local self-government bodies in the field of ensuring national economic security: innovative componentPetryshyna, M.O.; Petryshyn, O.O.; Петришина, М.О.; Петришин, О.О.
2018PR-заходи і промоакції у бібліотеціБілогай, А.О.
2016Pre-judicial investigation in system of functions of prosecutor’s office in UkraineЛапкін, А.В.; Лапкин, А.В.; Lapkin, A.V.
2013Preface to the English EditionTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2016Principle of differenciation in teaching professional EnglishЛисицька, О.П.; Lysytska, O.P.
2016Principle of serviceability and gratuitousness in transplantation?Пашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Голованова, І.А.; Golovanova, I.A.; Нога, П.П.; Noha, P.P.