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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Path towards national security in the European Union: genesis and further development processesShapoval, R.V.; Nastyuk, V.Ya.; Bezpalova, O. I.; Khrystynchenko, N.P.
2019Peculiarities of differentiation of legal regulation of pharmaceutical workers’ labourSydorenko, Anna; Melnyk, Olena
2013Peculiarities of teaching citizenship at schools of Great BritainStepanenko, I.
2014Peculiarities of Teaching English for LawyersKhodakovska, O.O.
2014People legislative initiative as a form of direct democracyKrutko, A.
2019Performance in the methodology of philosophy of lawMeliakova, Y.V.; Zhdanenko, S.B.; Egert, V.O.
2018Periodization of nature protection in Ukraine in the latter half of the 20th century: Legal aspectKazak, Rinata
2013Permitted land use as the result of zoningIgnatenko, I.V.
2018Personal information rights and freedoms within the modern societyDanilyan, O.G.; Dzeban, A.P.; Kalinovsky, Y.Y.; Kalnytskyi, E.A.; Zhdanenko, S.B.
2019Pesco та європейська ініціатива з інтервенції: єдина мета та різне бачення ідеї європейської оборониПетренко, Ю.В.
2014Place of summary procedure in the system of civil justiceZub, Oleksii
2016Police as the Subject Providing CybersecuritySolntseva, K.V.
2018Political and legal models of institute transformation in the 21st centuryMamychev, Alexey Yu.; Danilyan, O.G.; Kravchenko, Artur G.; Blochina, Natalya A.; Anisimova, H.V.
2016Political and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership PolicyKerikmäe, Tanel; Chochia, Archil
2014Portfolio as means of motivation in foreign language learningRomantsova, Y.V.
2014Portfolio use in foreign language learningRomantsova, Y.V.
2018Possibilities of adapting the typologies of the international standards for establishing criminal liability for corruption-related crimes in UkraineOrlovskyi, Ruslan; Shapoval, Roman; Demenko, Olga
2015Possibility for the extension of the material evidence regime to cover digital informationKrytska, Iryna
2018Powers of local self-government bodies in the field of ensuring national economic security: innovative componentPetryshyna, Maryna; Petryshyn, Oleh
2018PR-заходи і промоакції у бібліотеціБілогай, А.О.