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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The labor legislation of Ukraine: the issues of adaptation to the European Union standartsСереда, О.Г.; Середа, Е.Г.; Sereda, O.
2013Land taxation problems in UkraineШульга, Т.М.
2016Language and Translation in the EU Legal and Institutional FrameworkMishchenko, V.; Міщенко, В.Я.
2012Language means from the point of persuasivenessПєтухова, О.І.; Зайцева, М.О.; Petuhova, O.I.; Zaitseva, M.O.
2017Language Training as a Necessary Element in the Context of the Internationalization of EducationЛисицька, О.П.; Lysytska, O.P.
2018Law & Management: новий напрям наукових досліджень та управлінської практикиШевченко, Л.С.
2014The Law of the Baltic StatesKerikmäe, Tanel; Joamets, Kristi; Pleps, Janis; Rodin, Anita; Berkmanas, Tomas
2013Law of the Ukrainian SSR in the Perestroika Period (1985–1991)Гончаренко, В.Д.; Honcharenko, V.D.
2013Law of Ukraine in Period of Kievan Rus and during Feudal FragmentationГончаренко, В.Д.; Honcharenko, V.D.
2013Law of Ukraine While Part of the Russian EmpireГончаренко, В.Д.; Honcharenko, V.D.
2013Law of Ukrainian SSR during Destalinization (1956–1965)Гончаренко, В.Д.; Honcharenko, V.D.
2013Law of Ukrainian SSR during New Economic Policy (1921–1929)Гончаренко, В.Д.; Honcharenko, V.D.
2013Law of Ukrainian SSR in Period of Slowing the Pace of Social Development and Stagnation (1965–1985)Гончаренко, В.Д.; Honcharenko, V.D.
2013Learning styles in the course of "English for lawyers"Nesterenko, K.
2015Legal and institutional frameworks for terminology activities in UkraineМищенко, В.Я.
2017Legal aspects of cancer deseases prophylactics: patients rights contextТацій, В.Я.; Пашков, В.М.; Гуторова, Н.О.; Tatsiy, V.Ya.; Tatsiy, V.Ia.; Gutorova, N.
2017Legal aspects of counteracting the trafficking of falsified medicines in the European UnionПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Олефір, А.О.; Olefir, A.A.; Соловйов, А.; Soloviov, A.
2016Legal aspects of ecologization of town planning branchIgnatenko, I.V.; Ігнатенко, І.В.; Игнатенко, И.В.
2013The legal basis of biodiversity protection under the Constitution of Ukraine 1978 (historical aspect)Kazak, R.A.
2017The legal basis of expanding the powers of local councils in the sphere of land relationsShulga, M.V.; Шульга, М.В.; Ihnatenko, I.V.; Ignatenko, I.V.; Ігнатенко, І.В.; Игнатенко, И.В.