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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Immunoprophylaxis in Healthcare: Human Rights ContextPashkov, Vitaliy M.
2014The Impact of Civil Society on the Formation of Constitutionalism in UkrainePetrukhno, Y.E.
2016The impact of the legal regime of intellectual property protection in the pharmaceutical marketPashkov, Vitaliy M.; Golovanova, Iryna A.; Olefir, Andrii A.
2017Impact of the source text features upon translation strategiesLypko, I.P.
2014The implementation of Strasbourg’s judgments in UkraineChubenko, A.
2016Importance of Developing Good Academic Writing Skills for Post-graduatesLysytska, O.P.
2014Importance of motivation in learning foreign languagesRomantsova, Y.V.
2018Importance of the Caspian Countries for the European UnionIbrayeva, Aigerim; Sannikov, Dmitriy V.; Kadyrov, Marsel A.; Zapevalov, Vladimir N.; Hasanov, Elnur L.; Zuev, Vladimir N.
2019Improvement of economic efficiency of the enterprise based on automation of management of motivation of personnelShyfrina, N.I.; Ukrainska, L.O.; Marchenko, O.S.; Cherkashyna, T.S.
2013Improving language learning and teaching through assessmentМіщенко, В.Я.
2016Incorporating Technology Into Education: Methods Techniques and StrategiesМясоєдова, С.В.
2018Indicators of confidence in sociological researchesVolyanska, Olena Volodymirivna; Pidkurkova, Iryna Valeriyivna
2019Indirect imperative utterances as a distinctive attribute of the language of novels by Dan BrownMiasoiedova, S.V.
2019Influence of Extralinguistic Factors on the Behaviour Strategy of a Communicative Personality In a DisputeZaitseva, Margaryta Oleksiivna
2017Influence of the structure of competitive advantages on revenues of legal services firms in UkraineHubin, K.H.
2014Informal health economics in UkraineKaminska, T.M.
2018Informality and Ukrainian higher educational institutions: Happy together?Polese, Abel; Stepurko, Tetiana; Oksamitina, Svitlana; Kerikmäe, Tanel; Chochia, Archil; Levenets, Olena
2019Information Management: the Key Driver of the Economic System’s DevelopmentBacho, Robert; Pukala, Rishard; Hlibko, Serhii; Vnukova, Nataliya; Pola, Peter
2020Information security in modern society: Sociocultural aspectsGetman, Anatolii P.; Danilyan, Oleg G.; Dzeban, Alexander P.; Kalinovsky, Yury Y.; Hetman, Yevhen A.
2019Information sovereignty of Ukraine: modern moral challenges and threatsManuilov, Eugene Mykolayovych; Kalynovsky, Yuri Yuriyovych