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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Immunoprophylaxis in Healthcare: Human Rights ContextПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.
2014The Impact of Civil Society on the Formation of Constitutionalism in UkrainePetrukhno, Y.E.; Петрухно, Ю.Е.; Петрухно, Ю.Є.
2016The impact of the legal regime of intellectual property protection in the pharmaceutical marketПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Голованова, І.А.; Golovanova, I.A.; Олефір, А.О.; Olefir, A.A.
2017Impact of the source text features upon translation strategiesLypko, I.P.; Липко, І.П.; Липко, И.П.
2014The implementation of Strasbourg’s judgments in UkraineChubenko, A.
2016Importance of Developing Good Academic Writing Skills for Post-graduatesЛисицька, О.П.; Lysytska, O.P.
2014Importance of motivation in learning foreign languagesRomantsova, Y.V.; Романцова, Я.В.
2018Importance of the Caspian Countries for the European UnionIbrayeva, A.; Sannikov, D.V.; Санніков, Д.В.; Kadyrov, M.A.; Zapevalov, V.N.; Hasanov, E.L.; Zuev, V.N.
2013Improving language learning and teaching through assessmentМіщенко, В.Я.
2016Incorporating Technology Into Education: Methods Techniques and StrategiesМясоєдова, С.В.; Мясоедова, С.В.; Miasoiedova, S.V.
2019Indirect imperative utterances as a distinctive attribute of the language of novels by Dan BrownМясоєдова, С.В.; Miasoiedova, S.V.
2017Influence of the structure of competitive advantages on revenues of legal services firms in UkraineГубін, К.Г.; Hubin, K.H.
2014Informal health economics in UkraineKaminska, T.M.
2018Informality and Ukrainian higher educational institutions: Happy together?Polese, Abel; Stepurko, Tetiana; Oksamitina, Svitlana; Kerikmäe, Tanel; Chochia, Archil; Levenets, Olena
2015Information Technologies in Distant LearningХодаковська, О.О.; Khodakovska, O.O.
2015Informative model of crime in modern Ukrainian criminologySmetanina, N.V.; Сметаніна, Н.В.
2018Innovation as a factor of the socio-economic efficiency of tax consultingМарченко, О.С.; Ярмак, О.В.; Маринів, Н.А.; Marchenko, O.S.; Yarmak, O.V.; Maryniv, N.A.
2018Innovations in social health insuranceКамінська, Т.М.; Kaminska, T.M.
2016Innovations in Teaching Foreign LanguagesХодаковська, О.О.; Khodakovska, O.O.
2015Innovative and conventional in teaching languagesMelnikova, Т.V.; Мельнікова, Т.В.