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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Factor of Natural Curative Resources in Context of Legal Regulation of Medical RehabilitationПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Лейба, Л.В.; Leiba, L.; Троцька, М.В.; Trotska, M.V.
2013FAST TRACK : метод. рек. з практики англ. усн. та писем. мовлення для студ. 3 курсу мовн. спец.Микитюк, С.С.; Зелінська, О.І.
2016Features and Importance of Polemic Discourse in Pedagogical InteractionZaitseva, M.O.; Зайцева, М.О.; Зайцева, М.А.
2018Features of Persuasiveness and Suggestiveness in Legal DiscourseZaitseva, M.O.; Lypko, I.P.; Зайцева, М.О.; Липко, І.П.
2016The features of the state registration of objects which inseparably linked with the ground in foreign countriesІгнатенко, І.В.; Игнатенко, И.В.; Ignatenko, I.V.; Ihnatenko, I.V.
2018Fight-fitnesМунтян, В.С.
2017Fitness callanetics in physical education of girl studentsKolomiytseva, O.E.; Коломійцева, О.Е.; Коломийцева, О.Э.; Anatskyi, R.V.; Анацький, Р.В.; Анацкий, Р.В.
2019Foreign Experience in Countering (Preventing) Organized Crime in the Financial System: Spesial Law Enforcement Bodies and Strategic PrioritiesHolovkin, Bohdan; Marysyuk, Kostyantyn
2014Foreign language learning motivation by means of portfolioRomantsova, Y.V.; Романцова, Я.В.
2014Forensic victimology: a short narrativeShumilo, O.O.; Шуміло, О.О.
2014Form of Newspaper Analysis at the English Lessons for Law StudentsLysytskaia, E.P.; Лисицька, О.П.
2017Formation of ecological and legal science: resource aspect and its integration problemsГетьман, А.П.; Зуєв, В.А.; Getman, A.P.; Zuiev, V.
2018Formation of professional foreign language competence of the future lawyerДемченко, Д.І.; Малєєва, Т.Є.; Demchenko, D.I.; Maleyeva, T.E.
2016Forming cultural competence of law students through classicsNesterenko, K.V.; Нестеренко, К.В.
2013Free mandate of a public representativeРоманюк, П.В.; Romaniuk, P.V.
2018Free science в умовах інтеграційних процесівБистрова, Ю.В.; Покусай, Л.В.; Пасмор, Ю.В.
2015From theory to practice: how cognitive linguistics can help methodologyНестеренко, К.В.; Nesterenko, K.V.
2016The Future of Law and eTechnologiesKerikmäe, Tanel; Rull, Addi
2017Grammatical and semantical diversity of indirect imperatives in the modern English language (on the example of Madeleine Wickham’s novels)Miasoiedova, S.V.; Мясоєдова, С.В.
2013Green movement development in Ukraine and EU as a subject of legal protection of biodiversity in the second half of XX centuryKazak, R.A.