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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dear participans of conference!Bytyak, Yu.P.; Битяк, Ю.П.
2018Decentralization of the powers of local councils in the sphere of land relationsІгнатенко, І.В.; Ignatenko, I.V.
2015Defective legal facts in family law: concept and typesYavor, O.A.; Явор, О.А.
2016Defence and Security Public Procurement: Analysis of Managerial and Legal IssuesShapoval, R.V.; Шаповал, Р.В.; Tvaronaviciene, A.; Survila, A.; Peleckiene, V.
2014The department of rare editions and manuscriptsBudetska, O.O.; Будецька, О.О.
2015Derogation from right to life resulting from lawful acts of warMaksymiv, M.; Максимів, М.М.
2018Developed marketing and management as a condition for integration of Ukrainian businessКамінська, Т.М.; Kaminska, T.M.; Martynenko, N.M.
2015Developing communication skills in multilingual Europe: the case of BritainChastnyk, O.S.; Частник, О.С.
2013Developing professionally oriented communicative competence of future translators/interpreters in International LawLipko, I.P.; Ліпко, І.П.
2017Development of Human Resources of Agro-Industrial ComplexMikhailova, A.V.; Popova, L.N.; Санніков, Д.В.; Sannikov, D.V.; Nedelkin, A.A.; Novikov, S.V.; Titov, V.A.
2015The Development of Intercultural Communication SkillsMelnikova, Т.V.; Мельнікова, Т.В.
2016The development of social Europe in the 20th - 21st century: problems and prospectsЯковюк, І.В.; Яковюк, И.В.; Yakovyuk, I.V.
2014Differentiation and integration of scientific knowledge: regularities of development of Ukrainian criminal law scienceKharytonova, O.V.; Харитонова, О.В.
2016"Digital era governance" як складова соціально-правового комунікаційного комплексу регіонуБистрова, Ю.В.; Пасмор, Ю.В.
2017Digital storytelling for law studentsСімонок, В.П.; Simonok, V.P.; Зелінська, О.І.; Zelinska, O.
2017The directions of development of legal regulation of patenting the methods of treatment in Ukraine. Considering the European and world experiencePashkov, V.M.; Hrekov, Y.А.; Hrekovа, M.М.; Пашков, В.М.; Греков, Є.А.; Грекова, М.М.
2015Directions of the economic and legal policy regarding demonopolization of the national economyШвидка, Т.І.; Швыдкая, Т.И.; Shvydka, T.I.
2016The dismissal according to the p. 7 art. 40 of the Labor Code of Ukraine: theory and practice of applicationBushchenko, P.A.; Vetuhova, I.A.; Бущенко, П.А.; Ветухова, И.А.; Вєтухова, І.А.
2015Distance Learning in Teaching Foreign LanguagesХодаковська, О.О.; Khodakovska, O.O.
2018Duties of a lawyer to a court and to a clientВільчик, Т.Б.; Vilchyk, T.B.