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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Case studies as one of the communication methods of foreign language teaching law studentsHolubnycha, L.O.; Голубнича, Л.О.; Голубничая, Л.А.
2019Case study for developing professional intercultural competence of law studentsРоманюк, С.М.; Romaniuk, S.M.
2017Certain aspects of education environmentalization in UkraineТуліна, Е.Є.
2016Certain aspects on medical devices software law regulationПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Гаркуша, А.О.; Harkusha, A.
2017Challenges in Teaching a Foreign Language at a Law University: Globalization AspectЛисицька, О.П.; Lysytska, O.P.
2014Circulability of property rights on industrial ownershipHotsaniuk, O.; Гоцанюк, О.І.
2013Citizenship education of young people in the UKСтепаненко, И.И.
2016Civil procedural representation in the Statutes of the Grand Duchy of LithuaniaShpak, M.V.; Шпак, М.В.
2011Civil procedure rules of England and unification in regulating the civil procedure in the context of international requirementsТкач, К.В.; Tkach, K.V.
2016Combination of globalization processes and inverse forming of insurance marketНечипорук, Л.В.; Nechyporuk, L.V.
2017Community involvement into incident management structure: Lithuanian and Ukrainian case studySurvila, A.; Smalskys, V.; Novikovas, A.; Tvaronaviсienе, A.; Shapoval, R.; Шаповал, Р.В.
2018Comparative Legal Analysis of the Legislation of Labor Protection in Construction Using the Example of the EU, Azerbaijan and UkraineBozhko, V.; Божко, В.; Kulchii, I.M.; Кульчій, І.М.; Szydło, J.
2016Competition as an element of legal structure of the ground of the arising of labour relations with sc ientistsYakovleva G.O.; Яковлєва, Г.О.; Яковлева, Г.А.
2013Complicity in international criminal lawЗінов'єва, І.А.
2016Compound Adjectives in Modern English Advertising TextsМикитюк, С.С.; Mykytiuk, S.S.
2017Concept of waste and its impact on human healthПашков, В.М.; Батигіна, О.М.; Троцька, М.В.; Pashkov, V.M.; Batyhina, O.M.; Trotska, M.V.
2018Constituent power: the theory and practice of its implementation in UkraineБерченко, Г.В.; Федчишин, С.А.; Berchenko, H.; Fedchyshyn, S.
2015The Constitution and the Criminal code of Ukraine: correlation and interactionKharytonova, O.V.; Харитонова, О.В.
2015Constitutional and legal reform of local self-government in Ukraine: problems and prospectsPetrishyn, O.O.; Петришин, О.О.
2016Constitutional development in Ukraine during the New Economic Policy (1921-1929)Гончаренко, В.Д.; Goncharenko, V.D.