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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The legal system of Ukraine: times of change : Interview of President of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Academician V. Tatsiy with Legal Journal «Law of Ukraine»Tatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.; Sviatotskyi, A.; Smekhova, A.; Святоцький, О.; Смєхова, А.
2016The Nature Reserved Fund of Kharkiv RegionХодаковська, О.О.; Khodakovska, O.O.; Stativka, O.O.
2017The peculiarities of motivation and organization of civil defence service in Lithuania and UkraineNovikovas, A.; Novikovienė, L.; Shapoval, R.V.; Шаповал P.В.; Solntseva, K.V.; Солнцева, Х.В.
2018The permanent structured cooperation on security and defence (PESCO) as an instrument of the common security and defence policy of the European UnionBilousov, M.
2018The policy of anti-Semitism in action: the events of crystal night in the public opinion of the united states (based on the "new york times" materials of 1938)Бойчук, Д.С.; Boichuk, D.S.; Palamarchuk, E.A.; Mordovtsev, A.Yu.; Mamychev, A.Yu.; Plotnikov, A.
2015The problem of the interrelation of the political power and law in the transitive societiesDanilyan, O.G.; Dzeban, A.P.; Данильян, О.Г.; Дзьобань, О.П.
2018The program of physical training of servicemen to a qualification examination on the right to wear the "Beret with honors"Liubchich, R.E.; Kolomiitseva, O.E.; Коломійцева, О.Е.; Anatskyi, R.V.; Анацький, Р.В.
2017The Relevance of the Study of English Legal TerminologyЛисицька, О.П.; Lysytska, O.P.
2018The role of phrasal verbs for successful intercultural communication and unconventional ways of their teachingМясоєдова, С.В.; Miasoiedova, S.V.
2018The rule of law: modern scientific discourse and practical realization in UkraineDanilyan, O.G.; Tatsiy, V.Ya.; Тацій, В.Я.; Данильян, О.Г.
2017The State Sovereignty and Sovereign Rights: the Correlation ProblemBytyak, Y.P.; Битяк, Ю.П.; Yakovyuk, I.V.; Яковюк, І.В.; Яковюк, И.В.; Tragniuk, O.; Трагнюк, О.Я.; Komarova, T.V.; Комарова, Т.В.; Shestopal, S.S.; Шестопал, С.С.
2018The strategy for the development of high-tech industries as a key element of the legal regulation of production and supply of high-tech productsЧубенко, В.А.; Chubenko V.
2018The symbolism of the circle in traditional art (Ukrainian-Irish parallels)Частник, О.С.; Chastnyk, O.S.
2015The types of legal facts in family lawЯвор, О.А.; Yavor, O.A.
2013The Ukrainian State and Legal System in the Early Twenty-First Century: Challenges for Legal ScienceTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2012The Ukrainian state and legal system in the early twenty-first century: challenges for legal scienceTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2011The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - the Worldwide Humanism ManifestoTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2016The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Worldwide Humanism ManifestoTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2017The urban cadastre today: comparative analysisІгнатенко, І.В.; Ihnatenko, I.V.
2017The urban cadastre today: comparative analysisІгнатенко, І.В.; Ignatenko, I.V.; Ihnatenko, I.V.