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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Regarding the systematic measures of judicial reformMoskvych, L.M.
2014Regulating eTechnologies in the European Union. Normative Realities and TrendsKerikmäe, Tanel
2017Regulations legislature Ukraine during the Soviet eraGoncharenko, V.D.
2015Regulatory support of protection of animals against cruelty: case recordShumilo, O.O.
2018Rehabilitation Tourism as a Part of Medical TourismPashkov, Vitalii; Harkusha, Andrii; Gnedyk, Yevgen
2017Relevance of the use of interactive whiteboard for intensification of cognitive activity of law-students at foreign language classesHolubnycha, L.O.
2018Religious extremism: understanding the essenceTrebin, Mikhail Petrovich
2018Reproductive function: the protection of the rights of the people which are sent to the area of the fightingPashkov, Vitalii; Gutorova, Nataliya; Noha, Petro
2015Responsibility in land lawShulha, M.
2019Review of Court Decisions: Does Ukraine Guarantee the Right to a Fair Trial in Appeal?Prytyka, Yurii; Kravtsov, Serhij
2019Right to child health in context of natural environmental securityПашков, В.М.; Троцька, М.В.; Соловйов, О.С.; Pashkov, V.M.; Trotska, M.V.; Soloviov O.S.
2019Robotization of manufacturing process: economic and social problems and legal ways of their solutionKostyuchenko, O.E.; Kolesnik, T.V.; Bilous, Z.V.; Tavolzhanskyi, О.V.
2016The role of health care in reproduction of intellectual capitalKaminska, T.M.
2014The Role of Legal Culture in the Development of Civil Society in UkrainePetrukhno, Y.E.
2016Role of local authorities and bodies of local government in ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizensDanilyan, O.G.
2014The Role of Multimedia in Foreign LanguageMoroz, T.Yu.
2018Role of tactical operations in forensic systemShevchuk, V.M.
2018Role of the modern library in the development of the university researchPopova, N.O.
2016Role of the prosecutor at closing of criminal proceedings by the criminal procedural legislation of UkraineLapkin, A.V.
2014The role parliament in political system of Great BritainBruslyk, O.