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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Social and historic conditionality of the concepts of law and their representation in fictionНестеренко, К.В.; Nesterenko, K.V.
2010Social communication aspect of study of scientists and legal scientists information needsPasmor, J.V.; Пасмор, Ю.В.; Бистрова, Ю.В.
2016Social human rights, between legal and real constitutional limitations (on the example of one law)Yakovlev, O.A.; Яковлєв, А.А.; Яковлев, А.А.
2018Social Rights after the Global Financial Crisis: European DimensionКовтун, В.І.; Kovtun, V.I.; Ковтун, М.С.; Kovtun, M.S.
2016Some aspects of communicative language teaching methodologyАртеменко, Т.М.; Artemenko, T.M.
2014Some aspects of the historical experience of local self-government in UkraineOmarova, A.
2014Some issues of interaction between local bodies of state power and local self-government in the member states of the European UnionNovak, H.
2016Some peculiarities of foreign language communicative competence formationАртеменко, Т.М.; Artemenko, T.M.
2013Some peculiarities of syntactic means translation in texts of military discourseЗайцева, М.О.
2016Some problems of prosecutor and preliminary investigation bodies cooperation under the new Сriminal procedural code of UkraineЛапкін, А.В.; Лапкин, А.В.; Lapkin, A.V.
2014Some problems of regulation of flora using in UkraineBloshenko, E.E.; Блошенко, Е.Є.
2018Some Problems of Rehabilitation of Servicemen Taking Part in the Hostilities: the International Legal Aspect and Ukrainian ExperiencePashkov, V.M.; Soloviov, O.; Noha, P.P.; Пашков, В.М.; Соловйов, О.; Нога, П.П.
2015Some Questions of Realization of Auditing Powers by Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction according to the Criminal Procedural Legislation of Ukraine and FranceGovorun, D.M.; Говорун, Д.М.; Говорун, Д.Н.
2015Some types of restrictions of active suffrage in the worldМохончук, Б.С.; Mokhonchuk, B.
2015Space and time structure in Irish epic talesChastnyk, O.S.; Частник, О.С.
2019Space Law at 21st Century: The Security IssuesДанильян, О.Г.; Danilyan, O.G.; Дзьобань, О.П.; Dzeban, A.P.
2016Stages (periods) of qualification of crimesУс, О.В.; Us, O.V.
2018State evolution mechanism: system approachLyubashyts, V.Y.; Razuvaev, N.V.; Romanenko, V.B.; Shestopal, S.S.; Гурак, Л.В.; Gurak, L.V.
2018State power in modern society: the problems of understanding and investigationDanilyan, O.G.; Baranov, P.P.; Mamamychev, A.Yu.; Oleynikov, N.S.; Perevalova, L.V.; Данильян, О.Г.; Олейников, С.М.
2014Student-centered learning in ESP classroomZelinska, O.; Зелінська, О.І.