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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2016Some peculiarities of foreign language communicative competence formationАртеменко, Т.М.; Artemenko, T.M.
2013Some peculiarities of syntactic means translation in texts of military discourseЗайцева, М.О.
2016Some problems of prosecutor and preliminary investigation bodies cooperation under the new Сriminal procedural code of UkraineЛапкін, А.В.; Лапкин, А.В.; Lapkin, A.V.
2014Some problems of regulation of flora using in UkraineBloshenko, E.E.; Блошенко, Е.Є.
2018Some Problems of Rehabilitation of Servicemen Taking Part in the Hostilities: the International Legal Aspect and Ukrainian ExperiencePashkov, V.M.; Soloviov, O.; Noha, P.P.; Пашков, В.М.; Соловйов, О.; Нога, П.П.
2015Some Questions of Realization of Auditing Powers by Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction according to the Criminal Procedural Legislation of Ukraine and FranceGovorun, D.M.; Говорун, Д.М.; Говорун, Д.Н.
2015Some types of restrictions of active suffrage in the worldМохончук, Б.С.; Mokhonchuk, B.
2015Space and time structure in Irish epic talesChastnyk, O.S.; Частник, О.С.
2016Stages (periods) of qualification of crimesУс, О.В.; Us, O.V.
2014Student-centered learning in ESP classroomZelinska, O.; Зелінська, О.І.
2014Study of information technologies as an element of competitiveness on the current labor market of UkraineGvozdenko, M.V.; Гвозденко, М.В.
2017Subjects of management in law firmsЧуприна, О.О.; Chupryna, О.О.
2014Symbols and law: the «matrix» of approaches in processes of denotation in search of presenceBarabash, O.; Барабаш, О.В.
2014The system of constitutional guarantees of constitutional order of UkraineRenov, I.
2015System of environmental legislation of Ukraine: dogmatic approachАнісімова, Г.В.; Анисимова, А.В.; Anisimova, G.V.
2016System of government macroeconomic regulation as a complex object of the legislative frameworkЗадихайло, Д.В.; Zadykhaylo, D.V.
2014The tax on childlessness in Ukraine: prospects for implementationVasilyeva, M.
2014Teaching Foreign Languages Via SkypeMykytiuk, S.
2013Teaching Reading in Legal Discourse FrameworkЗелінська, О.І.
2012Teaching reading within the framework of English for specific purposesПопова, Н.О.; Popova, N.O.; Петрова, О.Б.; Petrova, O.B.