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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2016Legal aspects of ecologization of town planning branchIgnatenko, I.V.; Ігнатенко, І.В.; Игнатенко, И.В.
2013The legal basis of biodiversity protection under the Constitution of Ukraine 1978 (historical aspect)Kazak, R.A.
2017The legal basis of expanding the powers of local councils in the sphere of land relationsShulga, M.V.; Шульга, М.В.; Ihnatenko, I.V.; Ignatenko, I.V.; Ігнатенко, І.В.; Игнатенко, И.В.
2018Legal communication as a factor of national state buildingKalynovsky, Y.Y.; Manuilov, E.M.; Калиновський, Ю.Ю.; Мануйлов, Є.М.
2017Legal features of the drug advertisingПашков, В.М.; Pashkov, V.M.; Олефір, А.О.; Olefir, A.A.; Битяк, О.Ю.; Bytyak, O.Y.
2016Legal framework of state support o f agriculture as a means of ensuring food securityStativka, A.; Статівка, А.М.
2018Legal implementation of the Blockchain Technology in PharmacyPashkov, V.M.; Soloviov, O.; Пашков, В.М.; Соловйов, О.
2018Legal issues concerning land use patterns when foreigners manage agribusiness in UkraineІгнатенко, І.В.; Ignatenko, I.V.
2014Legal issues of land use for exploration workZolotarova, D.; Золотарьова, Д.М.
2015Legal liability in environmental law: problems of formation and developmentHetman, A.P.; Гетьман, А.П.
2016Legal Marketing in UkraineShevchenko, L.S.; Шевченко, Л.С.
2014The legal nature of a right to a musical and dramatic workAliieva, K.; Алієва, К.С.
2015Legal principles of modern agrarian reform in Ukraine and the role of the farmer in its carrying outStativka, A.; Статівка, А.М.
2016The legal regulation of land fee: the past and the presentShulha, M.V.; Шульга, М.В.
2016Legal Regulation of Rights of Some Vulnerable Groups under the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: Experience for UkraineАнакіна, Т.М.; Анакина, Т.Н.; Anakina, T.M.
2017Legal regulation of the production and trade of medical devices and medical equipment in the EU and USA: experience for UkrainePashkov, V.M.; Кotvitska, А.А.; Harkusha, А.О.; Пашков, В.М.; Котвіцька, А.А.; Гаркуша, А.О.
2012Legal regulations on primary accounting in the sphere of waste treatment in UkraineCherkashina, M.K.; Черкашина, М.К.
2017Legal restraints of pesticide effect on human organism and environment under international legislationPashkov, V.M.; Batyhina, О.М.; Trotska, М.V.; Пашков, В.М.; Батигіна, О.М.; Троцька, М.В.
2013Legal Translation: How to choose a strategyMishchenko, V.; Міщенко, В.Я.
2013Legal Writing in ESP Classroom for Postgraduate StudentsSimonok, V.; Зелінська, О.І.; Zelinska, O.; Сімонок, В.П.